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The 44-year-old director Mamoru Hosoda is considered by many to be the heir apparent to Hayao Miyazaki when it comes to Japanese animation. The man behind award-winning (and internationally distributed) fea- tures The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Summer Wars is putting the finishing touches to his latest spectacle, Wolf Children. A female college student falls in love with a wolfman and gives birth to two half-wolf babies. The family live a secretive yet happy life in the city, but when the father dies the mother whisks her children away to the perceived safety of the countryside. Buyers will be able to see a new trailer for the film. International sales NTV

The Land Of Hope

Writer-director Sion Sono, who so effectively integrated Japan’s March 2011 disaster into 2011’s Himizu, turns his focus to nuclear radiation paranoia in this fictionalised account of a peaceful dairy- farming family split apart when a massive earthquake triggers an explosion at a nuclear plant. Four countries (Japan, UK, Germany and Taiwan) have invested money in what is being called Sono’s mas- terpiece. It stars Sono-regulars Denden (Cold Fish) and Megumi Kagurazaka (Guilty Of Romance), with Jun Murakami and Naoko Otani. With the film just completed, Pictures Dept will take first bids. International sales Pictures Dept

I’m Flash!

Renowned cinema stylist Toshiaki Toyoda (Blue Spring, 9 Souls, Monsters Club) spins a strange tale of young cult leader Rui (played by Death Note’s Tatsuya Fujiwara) who absconds to Okinawa after a car accident scandal involving a mysterious young woman (Norwegian Wood’s Kiko Mizuhara). Protected by three bodyguards (including Nightmare Detective’s Ryuhei Matsuda), Rui tries to escape the consequences of the accident but the shocking truth behind the cult is revealed. Unlike many Japanese dramas that tend to be overlong and talky, Toyoda’s films are short on dialogue and long on visual panache and stun- ning use of music. Buyers can see the finished film at Phantom Film’s booth. International sales Phantom Film

n 16 Screen International May 2012

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