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TIFFCOM’s new home

Content market TIFFCOM has moved to a new venue to make room for rising visitor numbers and extra sections and events. Jason Gray reports


s TIFFCOM enters its 9th edi- tion this October, Japan’s largest fi lm and content market, which

is also one of Asia’s largest, makes a major move with a deft expansion- through-consolidation strategy. Will TIFFCOM’s gamble pay off? The organ- isers see it as putting their money on a sure thing. TIFFCOM will relocate from its Rop-

pongi Hills tower venue to the man- made island of Odaiba on Tokyo Bay. With shopping malls, cinemas, amuse- ments and even a genuine hot spring all within walking distance, TIFFCOM hopes to offer attendees a one-stop experience and a restful stay at the Grand Pacifi c Le Daiba hotel right above the market convention centre. The strik- ing new Tokyo Sky Tree tower, Fuji TV building and Rainbow Bridge are among sights visible at the spacious sea- side locale. “We were running out of room at

Roppongi Hills. The new venue offers 20% more exhibition space,” explains Mika Morishita, returning as TIFFCOM director for the fi fth year. Synergy was behind the original idea

of having TIFFCOM and TIFF take place within the same Roppongi Hills complex, but the growing pains were too great. “Nothing will be lost by hav-

‘Stronger synergy will enable us to promote the best of Japanese content more effectively

than ever’ Hideyuki Ibuki, METI

ing the market and festival a short dis- tance apart,” states TIFF chairman Tom Yoda. “A taxi ride takes approximately 20 minutes and shuttles will be arranged,” adds Morishita. Indeed, TIFFCOM’s shaky begin-

nings and trial-and-error growth have led to a more robust and meaningful event. Despite a severe drop in travel to Japan last year, TIFFCOM persevered and continued its year-on-year increase in exhibitors (226 in total) and meet- ings (3,137). Being even closer to Tokyo Interna-

tional Airport (aka Haneda), which con- tinues to add routes, overseas attendees will fi nd it easier to fl y into Tokyo and get from the airport to the market in less than an hour.

Improved industry facilities On the business front, TIFFCOM 2011 resulted in more than $45m in business turnover that was initiated at the market — three times more than in 2007. This year they are aiming much higher. People like to see what they are buy-

ing, with one consistent complaint hav- ing been the makeshift market screening facilities necessitated by a lack of time slots at TIFF’s busy festival venue. “Now market screenings will be held in better surroundings at three

Haneda Airport Roppongi Stn. Roppongi Hills Ebisu Stn. Osaki Stn.


Tennozu Isle Stn.

Odaiba Island

The Grand Pacifi c Le Daiba hotel overlooks the Rainbow Bridge ■ 10 Screen International May 2012

Yamanote Line








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