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Northern (continued) CLASSES

Fundamentals #1—Rotary Cutting Date: Sun., 4/8 Time: 12:30pm-4pm Skill: All Fee: $20 Instructor: Sandy Goforth

Fundamentals #2—First Comes Color Date: Sat., 4/28 Time: 12:30pm-4pm Skill: All Fee: $20 Instructor: Sandy Go- forth

First Comes Color!!!! The very essence of a quilt is color. Without it…what do you have? Color choices and understanding how color works can make the difference between a nice quilt and an ex- quisite quilt. This class will give you the basics in understanding color and how to choose fabrics that best express your creativity. Students should bring a pattern for a quilt they would like to make and time will be spent in selecting fabrics based on knowledge gained in class.

Fundamentals #6—Finishing Up: Hand or Machine Quilting and Bind-

Regardless if you are a novice or experienced quilt- er, quality quilting begins with quality cutting of the fabric. The use of the rotary cutting is more than picking up a cutter and slicing away. This class can be your first step to success or a refresher class for those self-taught quilters who still have difficulty in cutting consistently accurate pieces. You need to understand fabric grains, basic quilting math and good technique for accurate cutting. All of these things and more will be covered in this class.

It is a

hands-on class where you get an opportunity to practice what you learn.

ing Date: Tues., 3/27 Time: 6pm-8pm Skill: All Fee: $20 Instructor: Sandy Goforth

The final step to finishing your quilt is, of course, quilting it. This can be done by hand or machine. Come and try both ways. You might be surprised how easy it can be. This class touches ONLY on the very basic of quilting processes and teaches you how to bind as well as some other finishing techniques including invisible binding, how to make bias binding, prairie point edging.

35th Avenue Sew & Vac

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