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In this article Denny explains why it is

so important for not only our children’s personal and spiritual development but also to “clean the gene code”. We also spoke with Denny about this article, as we wanted to know what makes this man tick and where his philosophies came from.

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Why we should read fairytales to our children

ABOUT FAIRY TALES Throughout the ages, the spoken word has been used as a tool to open the minds, and touch the hearts of children. On every continent, and within every culture, words have been the primary tool to guide and empower the young. Words are like water penetrating deeply into the unseen regions of the earth. Once there, water encourages

and frees the dormant seed to begin its journey into the light. The vibration of the voice, and the symbols it contains, likewise accesses hidden levels of a child’s mind and calls forth the latent gifts. Regardless of a child’s age, its mind is

amazingly intelligent. This intelligence is responsible for managing and maturing the miracle of DNA evolving into a human body.

by Denny Johnson

This same intelligence takes in an endless stream of impressions, and experiences a constant symphony of feelings. Each of these feelings, no matter how small, is categorised, stored and utilised to guide and develop the child’s consciousness. The child’s conscious mind is like the

tightly woven petals of a flower bud just beginning to open. The child’s unconscious mind is as vast as the universe and capable of achieving things beyond the comprehension of the human imagination. This intelligence is alive and dynamic. Even when the child is very young or asleep, it hears, understands and responds to spoken words, especially if those words are from someone who loves the child.


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14 JULY 2011

SYMBOLS AND THE CHILD’S MIND The power of love focused through the symbols of a story triggers movements at the deepest level of a child’s mind. When a child hears a story, its unconscious mind instantly translates the words into many different languages that match the different levels of the child’s existence. One language only affects the body. Another level of the mind hears a different language and only the feelings are affected. Still another level of the mind utilises the same words to create a language which only affects the thought processes. Within a child there are 12 languages

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