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Hanger One Completes Installation of Becker Avionics’ DVCS6100 Digital Audio System on First of Twelve New AS350B2 Helicopters for Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

Becker Avionics’ DVCS6100 Digital Audio System was recent- ly selected by the LA County Sheriff’s Office (LACSO) for integration into their new Eurocopter AS350B2 helicopter fleet purchase. The new aircraft are being delivered by American Eurocopter to Hanger One Avionics at the McClellan Palomar Airport near San Diego for final completion of the avionics and special mission equipment throughout this year. The first helicopter has been completed for LACSO and was delivered in an official ceremony to the Aero Bureau in Long Beach on February 11th. The DVCS6100 was chosen due to its unique ability to effectively manage and control all audio sources in the helicopter.

Becker’s Digital multichannel audio and intercom system, with its software configurable profiles, provides the flexibility to specifically customize the system to meet the demanding operational requirements of LA County Sheriff. The DVCS6100 manages all trans- ceivers, receivers and audio warning sources in one central system and provides simulcast capabilities on 8 channels. Ken Piland, owner of Hanger One Avionics said “we look forward to installing Becker’s DVCS6100 into the new LA County Sheriff’s fleet of AStar helicopters. Obviously, their product was selected by the customer based

on the reputation and reliability of the product. I believe Becker’s digital intercom system is well suited to support LA County’s airborne law enforce- ment operations. This audio system has an excellent Man- Machine-Interface, multiple radio handling capability, and crystal-clear audio quality, mak- ing it the right choice for their new aircraft.” Brett Gardner, Director of Sales and Marketing at Becker Avionics Inc, commented, "We are proud and excited that the LA County Sheriff’s Department Aero Bureau selected our product, confirm- ing that our professional-grade Digital Audio system is gaining wide acceptance throughout the Airborne Law Enforcement community due to its unique features and benefits. Their completion center, Hanger One in Carlsbad, did a magnificent job on finishing the aircraft mission package and avionics. The DVCS product has enabled us to be the brand leader in air- craft Digital Audio and inter- com solutions for Helicopter and Fixed-Wing aircraft appli- cations; without a doubt it’s our best selling product.” ◆


CAE and Líder Aviação Announce Joint Venture to Provide Helicopter Training in South America

CAE and Líder Aviação, the largest helicopter operator in Brazil, announced on the eve of Heli Expo 2011, an agreement to form a joint venture compa- ny that will provide advanced, simulation-based, helicopter pilot training in South America in early 2012. The new joint venture company will purchase the first full-motion Level D CAE 3000 Series full-flight simulator (FFS), which will replicate the Sikorsky S-76C++ aircraft. This brings the total number of FFS sales that CAE has announced so far during fiscal year 2011 to 23. "Offshore oil and gas plat- form transport services will gen- erate significant helicopter fleet growth in the coming years, requiring well-trained, highly- skilled pilots who can adeptly handle a variety of weather con- ditions," said Júnia Hermont Corrêa, Chief Operating Officer of Lider. "Our strong relationship as CAE's business aviation training representative in Brazil for many years pro- vides us the utmost confidence in our combined abilities to deliver the highest-quality heli- copter simulation equipment and training."

Lider operates more than 50 helicopters, representing nearly half the fleet servicing the oil and gas market in Brazil. Their

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