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projected just a few years ago” Dennis continued.

Aero Dynamix Announces Expansion

Aero Dynamix Inc., located in Euless Texas, is very proud to announce significant expansion of their facilities so that they can better support the growing cus- tomer base. Aero Dynamix has outgrown their current 8,200 square foot facility and is cur- rently in the process of expand- ing into a 24,300 square foot facility. “The customer demand for our work has grown significantly in the past couple of years” stat- ed General Manager Dennis Trout. Aero Dynamix, founded in 1994, has already undergone two other expansions in previous years due to their growth. “It seems like on paper that we always plan on enough space to allow growth but in reality the demand has outgrown what we


The growth of the night vision goggle market has been tremendous over the last few years as the industry has real- ized the safety and operational advantage afforded by night vision systems. Aero Dynamix Inc’s market share is growing at the same time so growth has been exponential over the past few years. “The commitment to excellence and customer sat- isfaction is paying off” says Sales and Marketing Manager Mike Guinn. “It is always exciting to see return cus- tomers.”

The expansion of the facility is allowing Aero Dynamix to keep more of their work in house. Many of the machines are multiplying in number due to the increased work load. Where once stood one water jet will stand three water jets. “The ability to control our own processes is paramount to our success” stated Business Development Manager David Oglesbee. “What we do is so


critical to flight safety we simply cannot depend on outside ven- dors to supply us mission criti- cal parts.” Aero Dynamix is a very vertically integrated compa- ny with over 90% of their parts being created in house. The goal of the expansion is the company is able to maintain control of its supply chain and the quality thereof. “The thing that drives the customer towards Aero Dynamix is the quality of the work being performed” stated Mr. Trout. “We simply need to control our processes and thereby our future and our customer’s suc- cess”. Aero Dynamix plans to occupy their new facilities in April of this year. ◆

there everyday using night vision to help their communities. We were glad to honor some of them today.” Winners were selected for 5- year service award, 10-year serv- ice award, Community Awareness Award, International Advancement Award and Mark of Excellence Award.

5- Year Service Award Winners:

Air St. Lukes, Fairfax County

Police Helicopter Division, Intermountain LifeFlight, Seminole County Sherriff’s Office Aviation Unit, and the Snohomish County Sherriff’s Department received 5-year Service awards.

10-Year Service Award Winners:

The Santa Barbara Sherriff’s Department Aviation Unit and the Sonoma County Sherriff’s Office Helicopter Unit received 10-Year Service Awards.

Aviation Specialties Unlimited Honors Night Vision Award Winners

Aviation Specialties Unlimited, (ASU) honored the first annual Night Vision Award winners at a luncheon this afternoon during Heli-Expo in Orlando, Florida. This is the first of three ceremonies that will be held in 2011. The next award reception will be held in New Orleans at the ALEA and in St. Louis at AMTC. “It is an honor to recognize

all the recipients this year,” said founder and CEO of ASU Mike Atwood, “There are so many organizations and people out

Community Awareness Award Winner:

Era MED LLC, and Geisinger Life Flight received the Community Awareness Award. This award is given to flight operations that demon- strate proven leadership and pioneering Night Vision Goggle flights in their community, raise awareness about the need for Night Vision Goggles, help other organizations obtain Night Vision Goggles or work to bring goggles to their own fleet to enhance safety in their com- munity. Captain Curt Haldeman and his EMS flight crew were called in to search for a missing fixed wing that had crashed in the mountain of

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