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keda z

With a brand name – that’s a zee not a zed – Keda Z. Feng AMPA is a young Malaysian artist, photographer and entrepreneur. In the last two years he’s become an international rising star pointing to a future direction in wedding business.


eda Z is a young Malay- sian photographer whose business will make many British photographers think hard about the difference between an old economy in decline, and a new one which is grow- ing. There’s an optimism and confidence about his work, and the environment he has created in which to promote it, that can be hard to find in the UK. Last year, at the age of just

24, Keda launched his own wed- ding gallery (photograph top centre). It is called the Enya Mareine Wedding Gallery, in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. This im- pressive building hosts wedding services including pre-wedding photography, outdoor location research, professional make-up, and international designer bridal fashion. Keda has only been a pho- tographer for five years, starting at the age of 19. He could equally well have been an artist, and graduated from college as such; he’s also a musician and songwriter. Photography arrived when a friend suggested he try using a camera in place of drawing for a particular subject. Since then, Keda has won more international awards than many photographers after their entire career behind the lens. He


Above: the Enya Mareine Wedding Gallery. Below: one of Keda’s award winners from 2010, Overseas Master Classical Portrait Photographer of the Year.

claims to be ‘Malaysia’s most awarded wedding and por- trait photographer 2009-2011’. This is not a case of big fish, small pond. As anyone seeing the 2011 Master Photography Awards will realise, the MPA’s relatively small group of around a hundred south-east Asian area members dominated the overseas awards numerically, but the entire show visually. It’s a real hothouse effect – young photographers competing with each other to create ever more impressive set-piece images. In 2010, Keda won 23 awards of excellence in the WPPI 16 x 20 print competi- tion – that’s something which requires investment and confi- dence. He also won 1st Place in the WPPI 10 x 8 competition, which is more accessible and therefore far more competitive. He was a speaker at Wed- ding and Portrait Photographer of Malaysia’s annual awards convention, with three Profes- sional Awards and two Grand Awards in 2010, taking Print of the Year as well as Emerging Talent of the Year.

At the Master Photography Awards in Birmingham, after gaining his Licentiateship and Associateship earlier in the year, he scooped Overseas Fashion & Beauty, Overseas Classical Wedding and Overseas Classi- cal Portrait. In his environment, what passes for Classical might well be called avant-garde here; even the most staid have a ve- neer of modern digital enhance- ment. The winning portrait is shown here. For 2011, Keda has already

taken 1st place Bride & Groom Together, 2nd Place Glamour, eight silver and seven bronze awards in the Creative Asia competition. CA is a conference and award event held annually. “I went to have the opportunity

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