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ABMIndustries Promotes Muglich to Ampco System

Presidency ABMIndustries has promoted two of its senior executives.

Mark Muglich has been named president of Ampco System Parking and Chris Hansen president ofABMSecurity Services. Muglich has been an executive at Ampco 1993 and most

recently served as its executive vice president and acting presi- dent.Withmore than 40 years of experience in the parking indus- try, he will leadAmpco’smanagement ofmore than 1,600 office andmulti-use parking operations across the country. Chris Hansen most recently served asABMSecurity Serv-

ices’ executive vice president, with responsibility for operations and sales. Hansen has more than 30 years of experience in the security industry.The company is one of the largest employers of security officers in the country and operates in 34 states.

ACS Lawsuit vs.

BOSS Software isn’t magic, but it can make batch processing, flat file feeds and APIs disappear.

Real-time, direct integration with your campus’s present Oracle®

-based system

sets BOSSCARS apart from other parking enforcement systems.

It’s modular and fully customizable, so adding features down the road is easy. You’ll never pay for functionality that you won’t use.

That’s because we specialize solely in the needs of college and university campuses, instead of converting software that was designed originally for airports and hospitals.

Call 877-498-7745 to set up a demonstration, or visit our website. Once you get to know and use BOSSCARS you’ll understand why BOSS Software is An Authority in Campus Software Solutions.

Duncan Dismissed Affiliated Computer Services (ACS), a competitor of Dun-

can Solutions, had its lawsuit against Duncan dismissed on Jan. 28.ACS filed suit in federal court in Texas onAug. 19, 2009, alleging thatDuncan had acted to divertACS e-mails toDuncan. In 2007, Duncan and ACS configured a system to allow

employees of the two companies to collaborate on a project.ACS had formed the viewthat the systemwas configured to giveDun- can access to its e-mails. Duncan said it provided information demonstrating the alle-

gations were unfounded. The company also consented to a reviewof its systems by a third party ofACS’s choosing.Duncan said this third party found no evidence to supportACS’s claims, leading to the dismissal of the lawsuit. “Duncan places the utmost importance on the integrity of its

systems due to the sensitive data and privacy considerations asso- ciated with the business” it conducts, the company said, adding that it is “pleased a thorough, independent review supported Duncan’s position.”

5 Tips to Getting Organized 1.Write it down!Always make a list of the things you need

to accomplish (goals) each day. 2. Divide and conquer! Split your list into “Must, Should

andWant” to-do’s. Prioritizing your lists allows you to chip away at the goal, while seeing progress along the way. 3. Know the consequences! Think about what could happen

if you don’t complete the “Must Do” items on your list. Being aware of the potential consequences helps to remind us the importance of the tasks at hand. 4. Set a time limit for your tasks!That helps tomotivate and

keep you connected to your list. Setting a time limitwill help you stop procrastinating before it begins to sabotage your goals. 5.Reward yourself! Enjoy the fulfillment you get by accom-

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plishing your goals. Feeling good about that makes it seem less like a chore, andmotivates you to set and complete other goals.

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