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Why Can’t I lose Weight? By Dr. Linda Orlasky I

often hear patients say “I’m doing everything right and I still can’t lose weight.” Under normal conditions,

the body has no trouble giving up fat, so we must dig deeper.

The first fat loss barrier is a blood sugar (glucose) imbal-

ance. Whether it is insulin resistance (chronically elevated blood sugar), or hypoglycemia (blood sugar fluctuations - sometimes high, sometimes low), abnor- mal blood sugar levels ultimately result in elevated insulin levels. In those with insulin resistance, blood sugar levels are chronically elevated because glucose can no longer effectively enter into the cells. The body then produces higher levels of insulin in attempt to remove the glucose from the blood stream – causing still greater metabolic dysfunction. On the other hand, those with hypoglycemia will have periods of low blood sugar followed by surges of insulin. During periods of low blood sugar, the body uses adrenaline to elevate blood sugar, causing a sharp rise in glucose and insulin.

The second fat loss barrier is

a compromised Adrenal System. The adrenal glands are the body’s primary defense for managing stress. When the adrenal glands are activated, they produce a number of hormones that help the body deal with both acute and chronic stres- sors. One of these hormones is cortisol. A primary function of cortisol is to increase the blood sugar level so the brain, muscles and organs have enough fuel to get you through a stressful situation. Problems oc- cur when stress becomes chronic. Chronically elevated levels of cortisol

will increase blood sugar levels, which then elevate insulin levels. This will stop your body from burning fat, no matter what exercise or diet program you fol- low. The most effective way of assessing adrenal gland dysfunction is the “Adrenal Salivary Test.” This test uses four saliva samples (taken throughout a 24-hour period) to assess levels of salivary cortisol and DHEA. Most functional medicine ho- listic practitioners will run this test.

A third fat loss barrier is an improperly working gastroin-

testinal system. A dysfunctional digestive system may cause gas, bloat- ing, burping, undigested food in stool, foul smelling stools, constipation, diar- rhea, burning in stomach, bad breath, or nausea. Migraines, allergies, eczema, hor-

monal imbalances and autoimmune disease also have links to the GI system. One of the best ways to stop the GI prob- lem cycle is to control inflammation in the gut by identifying food sensitivities. A strict elimination diet over a three to six week period has helped count- less people identify and alleviate their problems.

The fourth fat loss barrier is inadequate cellular oxygen-

ation. The cells of our bodies produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate) through respiration, a complex set of reactions

that transfer electrons from glucose to oxygen. ATP is the basic energy source and is essential for cells to function. Without adequate ATP nothing in the body works correctly, and weight loss is impossible. In conventional medicine, a decreased ability to deliver oxygen to cells is called anemia. While a full dis- cussion would be too extensive to cover here, a start would be getting your doctor to run standard blood work. It should include RBC, hemoglobin, hematocrit, MCV, MCH, MCHC, iron, ferritin and transferrin. Once you have removed these four

barriers to weight loss, the question ev- eryone will be asking is “How did you lose so much weight?”

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