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reimbursement.” By running reports to determine call volumes, they are able to make


changes, such as shifting resources to locations that see higher volumes during peak times and tourist seasons. NHREMS is reporting on custom fields in

emsCharts to track statistics as they work toward their CAMTS accreditation. By tracking crew pro- cedures, they can determine who requires specific skills testing. For example, CAMTS requires intu- bation skills quarterly.

If a crew member has not

performed an intubation in the last three months, not only will the report alert NHREMS to this fact, it will also single out specifically which skill (e.g. intubation) or skills need to be practiced, thus sav- ing time for the crews, and overtime for NHREMS. Using the emsCharts Remote Downloader

ly hosted by emsCharts, and accessible to NHREMS using unique personnel logins and configurable security options. The hosted web- based ASP solution eliminates the need for up- front requirements to purchase hardware, and allows New Hanover to benefit from having a full-time, highly experienced IT staff, without incurring the overhead costs. Additionally, the emsCharts model greatly reduces the time required for installation, configuration, and person- nel training.

The emsCharts system for New Hanover

Regional Medical Center successfully connects all facets of their varied services. New Hanover has customized emsCharts for each of their divisions - Critical Care, 911 emergency response, and non emergent transport – to use for their primary mis- sion. The services were configured in a way, however, that would allow each division to con- tinue documenting when backing up another division. Each configuration uses the emsCharts export to the state of North Carolina on 911 calls, which means that all divisions can be utilized dur- ing a 911 call in a time of need. NHREMS incorporated the use of rugged

mobile computing devices and air cards to keep crews connected to in the field. In areas where no air card coverage is available, crews use the emsCharts Mobile application to continue patient documentation, allowing them to be productive even in the most rural areas.


has resulted in increased efficiency in charting for NHREMS.

uses the system’s CAD import feature from New Hanover’s dispatch program, RightCAD.

The AirLink / VitaLink Critical Care division “This

saves our crews time and eliminates mileage logs for our drivers,” says McAdams, “The CAD import reduces the amount of time the information is man- ually entered and increases accuracy in charting.” Within the divisions, New Hanover uses

emsCharts as part of their communications. Taking advantage of the system’s special reports features and calendar function helps to keep the staff up to date, and, McAdams adds, “is an excel- lent way to ensure loop closure.” NHRMC is also exploring the possibility of adding the emsCharts Outreach tool for building effective air medical PR campaigns and tracking contacts. As they continue to explore all

that emsCharts system has to offer, NHREMS

the is

beginning to use the continuing education mod- ule for training and remediation, as needed. “We want to continue to improve our operations by using each of the features that are part of emsCharts,” McAdams states.

“We are also

streamlining our QA process with emsCharts.” New Hanover Regional Medical is developing data validation, or “closed call”, rules to improve data accuracy. They are increasing the number and quality of data points collected, enhancing their reporting capabilities, and making sure that they are providing patient care that meets their stan- dards. “This charting accuracy also helps with billing to make sure we are capturing what [the billing company] needs in order to get the best


module, which is a service installed at the hospi- tal, NHREMS patient charts are imported directly into the hospital electronic medical records system. This has resulted in a huge savings in time, paper supplies, printer cartridges, and effort in manually running paperwork from stations to the hospital. Furthermore, by means of the Remote Downloader function, other area agencies also using emsCharts for data collection are automatically sending com- pleted records for their patients transported to New Hanover Regional Medical Center.


results in a full prehospital report in the hands of the M.D. before the patient even leaves the E.R. “We have

McAdams. “This alone has saved a huge amount

of money for us,” McAdams adds. “We are using half the paper we did in the past and even less in printer supplies. The man hours once lost to mailing and running charts around our service area are now utilized in more productive areas.” “All of this allows us to spend more of our

time and resources doing what we are here to do: caring for our patients.” abcd

truly gone paperless,” states

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