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division is unique in its mission. The AirLink / VitaLink Critical Care division provides critical care transport from referring hospitals by air and ground along with rapid specialized air transport from scenes in the surrounding counties. The Field Operations division provides the 911 emergency responses to the citizens of New Hanover County. Finally, the Patient Care Transport Services (PCTS) division provides the non emergent transports for New Hanover County and surrounding counties. NHREMS has integrated its services to pro-

vide their communities with the right level of service when and where it’s needed.

It includes

paramedic service as well as air and ground criti- cal care transport, inter-hospital transfer, and a 24- hour nurse referral and medical advice service.

TECHNICAL SITUATION In addition to providing easy, accurate data


A Case Study in Electronic Patient Data Management New Hanover Regional Medical Center

Emergency Medical Services (NHREMS), head- quartered a few miles from the Atlantic coast in Wilmington, North Carolina, covers seven coun- ties in the southeastern corner of the state. Widely recognized for its superior level of care, NHREMS

divisions have been honored with

awards and accolades. The New Hanover Regional AirLink/ VitaLink Critical Care division was named the ground transport program of the year in 2004 by AAMS, and New Hanover Field Operations was designated as North Carolina’s first model EMS system. Despite their “model system” status, New

Hanover’s three divisions, responding annually to over 35,000 patient incidents, made one thing clear - they needed a better method of collect- ing and managing patient information. “Our charting program was no longer providing support.


We wanted a program that we could use in all departments and that would fit our needs as a model system,” states Julius McAdams, Shift Supervisor and ePCR Software Administrator for New Hanover. “We wanted it to have features that we could use and grow into without having to make drastic changes to our daily operations.” They also wanted the ability to incorporate

several disparate third party resources, both incoming and outgoing, for each of their three divisions and different patient interactions; whether it be air medical/critical care, 911 response, or non-emergent transports.

BUSINESS SITUATION The Emergency Medical Services

Department of New Hanover Regional Medical Center consists of three different divisions; each


collection for each of their different divisions, NHREMS wanted a patient data management system that would allow them to accomplish the following objectives: • To implement a solution that did not require the purchase and maintenance of in house servers

• To find a system that accommodates the three divisions and their differing situa- tions

• To attain efficiency in collecting and transmitting information across the divi- sions as well as to third parties such as billing departments and receiving facilities

• To provide a system that would offer a high level of security and protect the confidentiality of all data entered

• To go truly paperless NHREMS also wanted a system that did not

require them to drastically modify their existing procedures and could, instead, be easily modified or customized to meet their needs.

THE SOLUTION New Hanover Regional Medical Center

chose emsCharts as their solution for electronic patient data management. The emsCharts system offers a web-based Application Service Provider (ASP) model, also known as Software as a Service (SaaS). This means that all patient data is secure-

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