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Sikorsky News

Prize In Human-Powered Helicopter Contest Rises To $250,000 Thanks to Sikorsky Aircraft Pledge


its pledge to provide $250,000 in prize money for the Igor I. Sikorsky Human- Powered Helicopter Competition. Siko- rsky previously had pledged $20,000 in prize money for whomever could win the competition by achieving the engineering feat. Sikorsky is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp.

The competition, created by the Amer- ican Helicopter Society International, challenges engineers to develop a human- powered helicopter that can reach an alti- tude of at least three meters during a hover lasting 60 seconds. No one has accom- plished this feat yet. The official world record is held by Professor Akira Naito of Nihon University in Japan, with an alti- tude of 0.2 meters and flight duration of 19.46 seconds. Sikorsky Aircraft in- formed AHS International at its annual fo- rum in May that the company would increase its pledged contribution, which AHS would award to the competition win- ner.

“Igor Sikorsky, founder of Sikorsky Aircraft, believed that individuals provide the spark that moves mankind ahead. This competition continues his legacy by in- spiring ingenuity in the next generation of engineers who will design our industry’s future,” said Mark Miller, Vice President of Research and Engineering at Sikorsky Aircraft. “Our company is built on inno- vation. We believe strongly in the power of challenge.

More information about the competi- tion is available from the American Heli- copter Society at 703-684-6777. ❚

Sikorsky Aerospace Services Hosts International SEA KING™ Maintenance Symposium

The 50th anniversary of the legendary S-61™ helicopter will be celebrated dur- ing the 12th annual International SEA KING™ Maintenance Symposium, kick- ing off today at the Omni Hotel in New Haven. The event will be hosted by Siko-

event,” said Frank DiPasquale, Vice Pres- ident, Sales, Marketing & Strategic Rela- tionships for Sikorsky Aerospace Services. “S-61™ helicopters have per- formed a variety of military and commer- cial missions since the first prototype flew in March 1959 after Sikorsky Aircraft de- veloped it for the U.S. Navy. Since then, military services around the world have flown them, and today more than 550 SEA KING and S-61 commercial heli- copter variants continue to operate in more than 20 nations. With a new mod- ernization program under way, we hope to keep these aircraft flying for many years to come.”

Chairman of the symposium Steering Committee, Lieutenant-Colonel Ken MacKenzie, Canadian Forces, said: “The symposium offers a unique opportunity for military and commercial operators and industry representatives from around the world to discuss common technical and maintenance issues that enable us to sus- tain our SEA KING and S-61 helicopter operations.”

“As this year marks the 50th anniver- sary of the first SEA KING flight, it is fit- ting that Sikorsky is hosting this year’s symposium,” MacKenzie added. More than 150 attendees from 15 coun- tries have registered to attend the event. The symposium will feature product pre- sentations, panel discussions and flight demonstrations by Carson of the S-61 he-

licopter. ❚

rsky Aerospace Services, the aftermarket business of Sikorsky Aircraft Corp., a sub- sidiary of United Technologies Corp. Operators of the aircraft, owners, pilots, and maintenance personnel will partici- pate in technical and informational ses- sions and networking opportunities during the three-day symposium. Sergei Siko- rsky, son of Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. founder Igor Sikorsky, will be the keynote speaker of the event.

“We are honored to host this year’s


Helicopter Support activates contractor support site for Light Utility Helicopters

Sikorsky Aerospace Services an- nounced its Helicopter Support Inc. (HSI) business unit has begun operating a new contractor logistics support site here for Light Utility Helicopters.

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