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What’s Cooking in
Mars Hill
the Kitchen of
College remembers
Mike Mathews?
farmer’s federation
London Broil Marinade bine all ingredients together.
Cook for 25 minutes and serve.
½ c soy sauce
2 ½ T brown sugar Homemade Spaghetti
As a private business owner
2 T lemon juice
for over 30 years, Mike Mathews
1 t ginger Lean ground beef
of Weaverville has experienced
½ t garlic salt 1 large can tomato sauce
his share of daily stresses, work
2 cans stewed tomatoes
demands and busy schedules.
Combine all ingredients for sliced green pepper
In recent years, the pace of life
great marinade sauce. Marinade diced onion
has begun to slow down and he
meat overnight, turning over oc- 10 basil leaves
cherishes having more time to
casionally. Cook meat to personal 6 garlic cloves
spend with his family now.
taste, approximately five minutes 1 T sugar
Mathews grew up in Con-
per side.
cord, NH. Following his grad-
Cook beef and drain. Add
uation from Concord High
Quick and Easy Chicken peppers, onions and garlic and
This photo, which is part of the James G. K. McClure Collection,
School, he lived in Germany
cook together with beef. Add shows an early gathering of the Farmer’s Federation
for three years while serving
tomato sauce and simmer on
in the U.S. Army. He began a
Chicken breasts
low. Heat for 30-45 minutes. The staff of Mars Hill College’s lina. It improved the lot of moun-
career in sales by working with
(or pieces of choice)
Add sugar to sauce prior to Liston B. Ramsey Center for Re- tain farmers by establishing stable
the Fuller Brush Company
5-6 small potatoes
serving with pasta of choice. gional Studies will remember one markets for goods, lowering costs
for five years before ventur-
1 bag baby carrots
of the most influential organiza- through wholesale buying and
ing into life as a private busi-
1-2 onions Sunshine Cake
tions in the history of western establishing home industries for
North Carolina agricultural life crafts and other goods.
ness owner. Mathews started a
1 ½ cans fat-free chicken broth
chemical and automotive sales
2-3 turnips (optional) 1 box yellow cake mix
during a special evening Sept. 27. The event will be held at Hickory
company, Matt Chemical, over
4-5 sprigs rosemary 1/4 c applesauce
“Back to the Beginnings: A Nut Gap Farm and events will be-
30 years ago. Karate was also
garlic 4 eggs or whites
Farmers Federation Gathering gin at 4 pm. In 1920, the farm was
a big part of his life for many
1 can mandarin oranges
at Hickory Nut Gap Farm” will owned by McClure, and served as
years. As a fifth-degree black
Brown chicken in frying pan in light syrup
feature a covered dish supper and the location of the first meeting of
square dance, featuring the music the federation. Today the farm is
belt, he owned a private karate
and season with garlic. Cook veg-
school and spent over 20 years
etables with chicken broth in elec- Frosting:
of the New Southern Ramblers. owned by McClure’s granddaugh-
in karate instruction. In 2001,
tric pressure cooker for five min- 1 container fat-free
The evening will also include sto- ter Annie Ager and her husband
Mathews began another pri-
utes. Add chicken and rosemary. whipped topping
ries from the Federation’s heyday, John.
vate business, Concrete Coat-
Set cooker to stew for 30 minutes. 1 - 3.4 oz. vanilla
from 1920 until 1960. “Most families in this region
ing Concepts, which he still
Quick and delicious meal! pudding mix
The Farmer’s Federation was were involved in some way with
works directly with today. His
1- 15 oz. can crushed
formed in 1920 as a “self help” the Farmer’s Federation, so we
wife Karen has worked in ac-
Pea Soup pineapple in juice
organization for mountain farm hope for a good turnout. ‘Back
families. A group of gentlemen to the Beginnings’ promises to be
counting for the Alan H. Shaw
Company for the past three
8 cups water Combine cake mix, apple-
led by James G. K. McClure or- a wonderful evening of reliving
years. They are the proud par-
1 bag split peas sauce, eggs and oranges to-
ganized the federation to combat old memories, and of making new
ents of their 10-year old son,
2 bags baby carrots gether, beating by hand for two
the conditions which held moun- ones,” said Amy Carraux, program
Blake and also three grown
8 or 10 celery minutes. Bake for 30-40 min-
taineer farmers in a cycle of sub- director for the Ramsey Center.
children: James, Andrea and
2 or 3 onions utes. Allow cake to cool before
sistence farming, with very little For more information about
Wesley. They are active mem-
ham seasoning topping with mixture of three
opportunity or capital to market “Back to the Beginnings,” contact
bers of Foster Seventh Day Ad-
ham, cut into bite-size pieces frosting ingredients. Store cake
excess goods. Amy Carraux at 828-689-1571, ac-
ventist Church in Asheville. In
(optional) in refrigerator.
The federation grew explosively
his free time, Mathews enjoys
salt to taste
and eventually included families
from all over western North Caro- This special to the Tribune
exercising, being outdoors and
spending time with his family
In electric pressure cooker, com-
the most.
When asked about his ear-
liest experiences with cook-
ing, Mathews recalls watching
his mother, the late Gertrude
natural foods • remedies
Mathews, in the kitchen while
growing up. “My mom really
supplements • toys • supplies • gifts
taught me most of the basics
of cooking,” he recalled. “As I Over 20 Lines of Natural & Organic Foods for Dogs,
have gotten older, I have been
Cats, Small Animals, Birds & Fish
able to take more time to really
enjoy things, including cook-
Castor & Pollux • Wellness • California Natural
Solid Gold & more!
ing.” Mathews likes to grill
out and also enjoys making
homemade sauces, marinades
and “recipes full of flavor.”
Below are a few of his favorites
This report filed by Loren
to share:
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18 THE TRIBUNE - September 17 - September 23, 2009
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