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Way of Horses: Poisoned! Yes or No?
fighting for her life. died; only a reaction to having her best to start the
Kaila had been poisoned. eye touched showed she still lived. vitamin K1 treat-
The veterinarian thought it was At first the attending veterinari- ment. It was rela-
rat poison. an was not sure what was happening tively safe, with
The active ingredient in many to Kaila. Luckily he ran a prothrom- few side affects
rat poison products causes internal bin time test. reported.
bleeding. These products are called The PT test showed a problem Once the vita-
“anticoagulant rodenticides”. with the blood and its clotting abili- min K1 is started
Samples of active ingredients listed ty. Kaila was put on life support IVs the PT test can not
on the label are brodificoum, broma- and vitamin K1. She stabilized and be conducted, as it
diolone, diphacinone and warfarin. started a slow recovery. would not be accu-
The poison prevents vitamin K Kaila’s vet recommended all the rate with the oral K
from being produced within the dogs be started on oral vitamin K1. supplement in the
body, and vitamin K is needed to If the dogs had been exposed to an body. When we finish the three-week carry out pieces of the poison and
form blood clots. Once the vitamin anticoagulant poison, the K1 supple- treatment we would wait 48 hours drop them where a pet (or child) can
K reserves within the body are ment would replace the vitamin K and then do the PT test. find them.
depleted, the poison prevents more being depleted while the poison was If you think your pet has eaten Cleaning up the area is safer.
from being produced and the victim weakening and being expelled by the rat poison, call your veterinarian Eliminate any sources of feed. This
begins to bleed internally. body. immediately. The sooner you start includes bird feeders, outside pet
It can take several days, and in There are two types of oral vita- treatment the better chance your pet food containers or stored feed bags.
some instances weeks for vitamin K min K available. Vitamin K1 is the will have of recovering. Once the The use of live box traps or glue
reserves to be depleted. For this rea- one needed to combat poisoning by dog starts presenting symptoms it is boards is an alternative to poisons.
By Eleanor Blazer
son symptoms will not appear imme- an anticoagulant. Vitamin K3 is a often to late. System failure and Kaila continues to recover.
Copyright @ 2009
diately after the poison is consumed. synthetic formula and will not work. death will occur quickly. Do not Sesi, Tex and Tina are all taking
The normal symptoms may be You must have a prescription to get take a “wait and see” attitude. their vitamin K1 twice a day.
Has your dog been poisoned?
pale gums, lethargic demeanor and vitamin K1. There are other ingredients used The source of Kaila’s poisoning
Some friends are building a
the victim may be cold. There may We called our veterinarian and in rat poisons that do not respond to is unknown.
house and riding facility, and invited
also be blood in the stool, urine, explained what happened. He didn’t vitamin K treatment. Take the pack-
us to see the progress.
vomit, and nose bleeds may occur. have any oral vitamin K1 in stock. age or product information to the vet. * Earn a Bachelor of Science degree
“Bring Tex and Tina; they can
Kaila did not present any of He placed an order and had it Rodents can be a problem in equine studies or certification as a
play with Sesi and Kaila. The prop-
these symptoms. During the day overnighted to us. around horses and livestock. Keep- Professional Horse Trainer or Riding
erty is all fenced.” The dogs are
after we saw Kaila, she had been I asked our vet about having the ing the facility clean and storing feed Instructor. Start your new career as a
friends and have a great time play-
normal – playing with Sesi and fol- dogs tested. He told me because of properly can prevent the arrival of riding instructor, horse trainer, or
lowing her regular routine. But that the delay in the depletion of vitamin these unwanted guests. stable manager. All courses are
While we walked the property,
evening she was violently sick and K a test today could come back nor- If a rodent problem does occur online. Start anytime and work at
the dogs romped.
collapsed. mal. But a test in a day or even a the use of rodenticides is not recom- your own pace. Visit www.horsec-
Thirty hours later Kaila was
On the way to the emergency week could come back showing a mended. The use of bait boxes is not for information.
clinic her owners thought she had positive result for poisoning. It was a safe alternative. The rodent can
conformation of the spine, No. Rapid growth and exces- formed big horses in nearly
A Horse, Of Course
muscle system, conformation sive size contribute significant- every endeavor.
and soundness of legs and feet. ly to all of the unsoundness He wrote that during the
It’s the little burro who caused by concussion. Crimean War, horses-all under
usually gets stuck with pack- How do you determine 14.3- ridden by Armenian and
By Don Blazer Big isn’t better. By defi- ing the baggage. the size of a horse? Most ref- Bashi Bazouks, consistently
nition, big is “large.” Better is Can a big horse run faster erences and horsemen use the performed, “beyond the capa-
Big, big, big. Phooey! “more desirable, more useful, than a smaller one? No. It’s standard of 14.2 hands as the bilities of the English Thor-
What’s this preoccupa- of superior quality.” But bet- been proven scientifically that division between horses and oughbred cavalry.” Gibley
tion with big horses? ter isn’t big unless you desire it’s not the length of stride ponies. A “hand” measures 4 also told the marches of the
“I want a big horse,” something exclusively for its which determines speed, but inches, so a 14.2 hand horse is British regiment in Sudan, in
says the dude. “Why?” asks size. the individual horse’s ability to 58 inches at the withers. which the 14 hand horses were
the cowboy. “I don’t know,” Let’s look at horses for retract his stride. The horse Today a 14.2 hand horse “marvels of endurance.”
says the dude, “I’ve always what they are as individuals, extends the leg in forward is considered to be small and D. Peschkof, a Cossack,
looked up to ‘em.” both big and little. motion, but just before putting just about every serious horse- left Blagovestchensk, Siberia,
Does this silliness come Does a big horse carry his foot on the ground he man, no matter what the breed in November of 1889. He and
from the misconceived, but weight better? Not necessari- retracts it. It’s not how quick- he prefers will tell you, “I like his tack weighted 180 pounds,
familiar phrase, “A good ly. The ability to carry weight ly he picks them up; it’s how ‘em big.” but he rode his pony, which
horse is better than a good lit- is controlled by a number of quickly he puts them down. It’s even true with pony was only 12.3 hands, 5,478
tle horse?” factors, including length and Is the big horse healthier? people. Show records at least miles in 193 days. The pony,
on the West Coast, named Seri, crossed Siberia in
indicate larger ponies the winter and averaged 37
usually come out on miles per day. Incredible!
top in halter classes So, if big horses aren’t
when height classifi- more durable, quicker, healthi-
cation lines are er, or better weight carriers,
crossed. Yet there is what are they?
nothing to prove good They are good at pulling.
conformation is grant- There’s no doubt that when it
ed by height. comes to hauling cannons,
Let’s look at the past, combines or heavy wagons,
the time when horses big horses are best. But there
really had to work. are exceptions.
The knights in their Justin Morgan was only
shining armor rode 14 hands, yet he out trotted,
big horses. But the out ran and out pulled horses
days of the knights much larger than himself. In
were short lived. addition, he founded a breed,
Unless the dragon an accomplishment that no big
stood still or the horse has achieved. Actually,
enemy knight rode all draft horses are descendants
straight at you, you of the Tundra Pony, heavily
were bound to get muscled and standing about
into trouble. It’s true 13.2 hands.
the big horses carried Big isn’t better. It’s just a
a lot of weight then, fad. Unfortunately, there are a
and later, but it’s also lot of little horses being over-
true they didn’t do it looked for the worst reason of
very well. all. The looker knows big, but
Sir Walter Gilbey not better.
wrote a book entitled,
“Small horses in War- Visit A Horse, Of Course
fare.” In it, he cited on the web at www.donblaz-
example after exam-
ple of how horses
13.2 to 14.3, out- per-
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