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Sho Clothes Jog An International Affair At
Gold Coast Dressage Opener CDI
West Palm Beach, FL – International fash- nity. “It felt great to win best dressed male
ion stole the show during the Sho Clothes and I thank Sho Clothes for their generous
sponsored CDI Jog at the Gold Coast Dres- gift,” Denizard said. “I have always been
sage Association Opener CDI, held at the impressed with the Sho Clothes mobile store
Jim Brandon Equestrian Center. Luis and with the manner of how the clothes are
Denizard, of Puerto Rico, won the best male presented. I am also impressed with their
turnout while Leah Wilson, of Canada, took quality of clothing available.”
home the award for best female turnout. Sho Clothes owners Michele Hundt and
Denizard and Wilson’s fashion sense Betsy Rebar Sell were pleased to sponsor
earned them a $75 gift certificate from Sho the jog, as fashion in the dressage world is
Clothes and a gift from the premiere what the boutique is known for. “It was
Wellington dressage boutique. “My choice wonderful to see the dressage riders turned
to dress in this manner was a collaboration out so nicely for the jog,” said Hundt, who
with my wife, as to what tie, what shirt and was on hand to present the Sho Clothes gift
what pants to wear,” Denizard said. “I certificates to Denizard and Wilson.
believe that more people should take the for- Sho Clothes, located at 3220 Fairlane
mality of the jog seriously and present them- Farms Road in Wellington, specializes in
selves to the public. I would like the jog to dressage apparel and has become the “go to”
be advertised more to the community so that dressage boutique for dressage enthusiasts
it takes on more prestige.“ from all over the world. Sho Clothes also
Denizard was pleased that his outfit hosts a monthly get together for dressage
choice garnered him the Sho Clothes jog riders called “Shop Talk,” which has
award. “I was honored to win the best become a hot spot for riders to gather with
dressed male award,” Denizard said. “I have top professionals in the equine industry. For
been trying very hard for the past three years
Dressage riders Luis Denizard and Leah Wilson were the best CDI Jog male and female
more information on Sho Clothes visit their
to win best dressed at the jog.” turnout winners at the Gold Coast Dressage Association Opener. Sho Clothes, Wellington’s website at or call 1-
As a dressage rider and trainer,
premiere dressage boutique, sponsored the jog. From left to right: Judge Lilo Fore, Denizard, Sho
Denizard said he appreciates the fact that
Clothes co-owner Michele Hundt, Wilson and Show Manager Noreen O’Sullivan.
Sho Clothes supports the dressage commu-
Photo courtesy of JRPR
Canadian Sport Horse Stallion Rheirattack Wins
TailRx “Best Tail Award” At Gold Coast Dressage CDI
West Palm Beach, FL – The Canadian Sport Horse stallion Rheirattack stands at Rideau-
Rheirattack has already proven his athletic ability in the wood Farm near Ottawa, Canada,
Grand Prix ring, but during the Gold Coast Dressage Open- and Dutt-Roth said he is both Olden-
er he proved he is also sporting an additional award-win- burg approved and Westphalian
ning feature – a thick, luxurious tail. Rheirattack’s tail approved. He was named the Cana-
earned the stallion the TailRx “Best Tail Award” during the dian Sport Horse Association Dres-
show, enabling his rider Susanne Dutt-Roth to ride away sage Stallion of the Year six differ-
with a TailRx prize basket. ent years and together Rheirattack
and Dutt-Roth have repre-
sented the Canadian Dres-
sage National Team multi-
ple times.
Rheirattack was
competing in the Grand
Prix ring at the Gold Coast
Dressage Opener when
TailRx judges spotted his
tail. “He has one of the best
tails I have ever seen,” said
Mary Brunetti, founder of
TailRx, a revolutionary
mane and tail restoration
system for horses. “It’s
thick, strong and beautiful
and exactly the kind of tail
Susanne Dutt-Roth and Rheirattack, an award-winning Grand Prix
horse owners dream of their
Canadian Sport Horse Stallion, won the TailRx “Best Tail Award” at the Gold
horse’s having. TailRx
Coast Dressage Opener at the Jim Brandon Equestrian Center.
helps horses achieve dream
TailRx founder Mary Brunetti presented Dutt-Roth with a TailRx prize
tails as it adds volume and
basket, featuring the revolutionary mane and tail restoration
makes the tail three times
system for horses.
as strong within the first
Photo courtesy of JRPR
Lucky magazine praising the product’s use on people,
Brunetti, an award-winning celebrity hair
Brunetti said TailRx has been hard to keep on the shelves.
stylist in New York City and a dressage rider, said
“TailRx works on humans as well because we are all mam-
TailRx also keeps the scalp in such healthy shape
mals and share the same hair follicle structure,” she said,
that it can’t help but grow good hair. “It starts at
adding that Nylon Magazine also did a story on TailRx say-
the follicle first,” Brunetti said. “TailRx is an easy
ing the product is a great way for women to have thicker,
to administer three-step treatment and all horse
healthier and sleeker hair.
owners need to do is follow the simple 5-minute
The TailRx “Best Tail Award” is awarded during the
application routine. You can expect noticeable
winter show circuit to the horse or pony at the show with
improvements from TailRx in the first week and
the most luxurious tail. The winner is awarded a TailRx
then expect thicker, stronger and longer hair in
basket filled with prizes and the much sought-after TailRx
just a few months.”
product. For more information on TailRx, visit www.tail-
According to Brunetti, horses aren’t the
only ones using TailRx. Humans are also embrac-
ing the product and after an article appeared in
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