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Windfields Farm, breeder of 361 Dancer, winner of the 1964 Kentucky
The Rider? Check out our back stakes winners and 48 champions Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the
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including the internationally Queen’s Plate. Retired from racing - click on
renowned Northern Dancer, has con-
firmed that auctioneer Bob Dickenson
will conduct a liquidation auction at
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Windfields Farm on Saturday, March
6, 2010.
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Items slated to cross the auction
block on site at Windfields Farm
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include tractors, trucks, lawn mowers,
see in The Rider? Give us a
farm and equine equipment, tools and
more. Item viewing begins at 8:00
call. Have a great photo from a.m. on sale day; bidding begins at after the 1964 season, Northern
a show or trail ride? Send it
9:30 a.m. sharp. The auction is totally Dancer went on to an even more bril-
in with a caption and we
unreserved. The farm is located at liant career at stud, at one time com-
2300 Simcoe Avenue North, in manding a $1,000,000 stud fee. The
might publish it.
Oshawa, Ontario. Click here for full National Thoroughbred Racing Asso-
auction listings: ciation states that Northern Dancer is
“one of the most influential sires in
QuarterFest Tickets On Sale Now
History of Windfields: Thoroughbred history.” He is also
Founded by businessman E.P. regarded as the 20th century’s best
Taylor, Windfields Farm became the sire of sires. Windfields bred North-
All breeds are welcome to attend the weekend to share their talents with QuarterFest attendees
premier operation for thoroughbred ern Dancer’s sons Nijinsky, Secreto,
that combines equine fun and education. and help owners build a better relationship with
breeding in North America Wind- and The Minstrel, all of whom won
their horses. The list of clinicians includes Julie
fields is the birthplace of world cham- England’s most prestigious race, the
America’s Horse, January 4, 2010 - The popular Goodnight of Poncha Springs, Colorado; Christy
pion racehorse and sire Northern Epsom Derby.
American Quarter Horse party known as Quarter- Landwehr of Aurora, Colorado; Mike Major of
Fest is returning to Murfreesboro, Tennessee, in Fowler, Colorado; Ken McNabb of Cody,
2010, and tickets are now on sale. The Tennessee Wyoming; Curt and Tammy Pate of Helena,
Miller Coliseum at Middle Tennessee State Uni- Montana; Stacy Westfall Mount Gilead, Ohio;
Caribbean, South and Central Ameri-
versity will host QuarterFest April 30-May 2. and Bo Winslow of Estes Park, Colorado.
ca, Eastern and Southern Europe,
QuarterFest gives equine enthusiasts the Visit the for the
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Africa and the Middle East. The
opportunity to connect with other people who latest information on QuarterFest activities
greatest risk for introduction of this
share their passion. Participants can bring their including clinics, shopping and entertainment. To determine disease is through the trading of ani-
horses for great clin- QuarterFest is
specific import requirements for each mals or international equestrian sports
ics (limited availabil- a three-day, educa-
horse, specific parameters that refer where infected and non-infected ani-
ity), watch exciting tion-packed celebra-
to each horse’s circumstances will mals are in contact. If an outbreak of
equine entertainment tion of the American
need to be entered and customized EP occurs in a country such as the
and shop at the trade Quarter Horse April
import requirements will be provided. USA, the World Organization for
show. 30-May 2 in
Equine piroplasmosis (EP) is Animal Health (OIE) must be notified
Tickets are on Murfreesboro, Ten- caused by two parasitic organisms,
and made aware of the steps that will
sale now. This year, nessee, where AQHA Babesia equi and Babesia caballi. It is be taken to eradicate the disease.
the ticketing experi- members and horse primarily transmitted to equidae by (Source: USDA)
ence is even easier enthusiasts from ticks but this bloodborne disease can
with just two around the world will
be spread mechanically from animal About Equine Canada Breeds &
options: either come gather for fun, enter-
to animal by contaminated needles or Industry Division
for the experience by tainment and festivi-
surgical instruments. Equine Canada Breeds & Indus-
selecting General ties to honor the
Once infected, an equine can try Division provides a structure for
admission or bring world’s most versatile
take 7 to 22 days to show signs of ill- the more than 40 breed organizations
your horse and select horse - the American
ness. Mild forms of the disease cause operating in Canada to unite as a
Clinic Admission. General admission tickets Quarter Horse. Our sponsors - B&W Trailer
equines to appear weak and show coalition under the national federation
allow you to watch the clinics of your choice from Hitches, Bank of America, Farnam, John Deere,
lack of appetite. More acute cases can of Equine Canada. It provides a
the stands without your horse. Justin Boots, Pfizer, Professiona’s Choice, Trac-
occur where EP is not common and forum from which to seek and
American Quarter Horse Association mem- tor Supply Co. and Wrangler - share our passion
bers receive discounts on tickets. General Admis- for horses and are an integral part of QuarterFest.
the animals have not built up a resis- exchange information between
sion three-day QuarterPasses start at $50 and AQHA news and information is a service of
tance to the disease. Signs of the Equine Canada, Canadian stakehold-
Clinic Admission three-day QuarterPasses start at AQHA publications. For more information on
acute phase include fever, anemia, ers, the Government of Canada and
$175 and include six clinics of your choice (limit- The American Quarter Horse Journal, The Ameri-
jaundiced mucous membranes, a foreign entities. The Breeds & Indus-
ed availability). can Quarter Horse Racing Journal or America’s
swollen abdomen, laboured breathing, try Division works to promote and
Many world-renowned clinicians are lined up Horse, visit
central nervous system disturbances, assist a vibrant equine industry and to
roughened-hair coats, constipation, affect policy in Canada. Breed orga-
colic, and hemoglobinuria—a condi- nizations and industry partners share
tion which gives urine a red color. In resources and expertise with unity of
vertise in
some cases, death may occur. purpose to increase the long-term
Equidae that survive the acute phase profitability of Canada’s equine sec-
of infection may continue to carry the tor and ensure its future viability.
The Rider Extra!
parasites for long periods of time. Visit for com-
These animals are potential sources of plete information about the Equine
infection to others through tick-borne Canada Breeds & Industry Division.
transmission or mechanical transfer
Call (905) 387-1900, 1-877-743-3715
by needles or surgical instruments. About Equine Canada
For more information about
or email: barry@therider
EP is not endemic to the United Equine Canada, please visit
.com States or Canada and some other
countries but it is present in the
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