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given by your veterinarian,” states Stickney notes that
“Delayed hypersensitivity reactions are more com-
Stickney. “Your veterinarian is the frequency at which
mon and less serious. The pet becomes itchy and the
also the best person to determine adult animals should
face and ears swell. These reactions can usually be
which vaccines your pet needs and receive booster vaccines
treated with antihistamines.”
how frequently they should be has been a topic of debate
“Anaphylactic reactions are less common, but
administered.” among veterinarians for
serious and life-threatening,” notes Stickney. “The
Stickney says, “All puppies years. Increasingly, we
animal rapidly collapses and goes into shock.
and kittens should receive the have evidence that most
Epinephrine and intravenous fluids are necessary to
rabies vaccine at three months of vaccines do not need to
treat the animal.”
age and again at one year of age. be boosted every year and
Stickney notes that if your pet ever had an aller-
Vaccination schedules vary that the risk of an animal
gic reaction to a vaccine, it is important to let your
depending on the area of the coun- catching certain diseases
veterinarian know. Even pets that are allergic to a
try you are in and the prevalence of decreases with age. Your
specific vaccine typically have no problems if they
different diseases in that area.” veterinarian will be able
are treated with antihistamines before vaccinations.
Pet Vaccinations
Stickney stresses that pup- to tailor a vaccine proto-
Remember, vaccines are health products that
pies should be vaccinated for dis- col to the specific
signal protective immune responses in your pet and
temper virus, adenovirus, par- lifestyle of your pet.
your veterinarian can best guide you in the use and
Dr. Mark Stickney vide optimum care for their ani- vovirus and parainfluenza, and kit- “No vaccine is
scheduling of vaccinations for your pet.
Even though they may be mals. tens should be vaccinated for viral 100% effective,” Stick-
taken for granted, pet vaccinations “There are live, killed, modi- rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and ney explains, “It is possi-
are vital for your pet. Properly fied live, and recombinant vaccina- panleukopenia. Other vaccinations ble to overwhelm any
Pet Talk is a service of the College of Veteri-
vaccinating your pet is a very tions,” states Stickney. “By expos- may also be recommended depend- vaccine and immune sys-
nary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, Texas A&M
important part of pet care because ing the immune system to bacteria ing on the lifestyle of your pet. tem with exposure to
University. Stories can be viewed on the Web at
vaccines can potentially help pro- or viruses that are genetically simi- “Booster shots are necessary enough disease-causing
tect your pet against some serious lar to the ones that will cause dis- in puppies and kittens to overcome organisms.”
Suggestions for future topics may be directed to
health conditions and diseases. ease, the immune system will “maternal immunity”, where the Additionally, he
“Vaccines are a suspension develop antibodies that protect the antibodies that the puppies and kit- notes that adverse reac-
of altered microorganisms which body when it encounters the actual tens acquired from their mother tions can occur from vac-
will prevent, lessen, or treat disease disease-causing organism.” provide some protection but even- cinations. They are most
without causing the disease,” notes Some pet vaccines can be tually break down,” explains Stick- likely to occur the second
Dr. Mark Stickney, clinical assis- purchased over-the-counter and ney. “Vaccines are ineffective in time an animal receives a
Caledon Farm Sets
tant professor at the Texas A&M given by non-veterinarians notes the face of maternal immunity and vaccine. They usually
University College of Veterinary Stickney. However, he says that the puppy and kitten series of vac- occur within minutes to
Precedent for
Medicine & Biomedical Sciences. there may be quality control issues cines is necessary to protect the pet six hours of vaccination.
Vaccines are still considered with vaccines if you are not famil- during the time when the maternal “There are two
the cornerstone of preventive iar with the correct way to store immunity disappears. Booster types of reactions com-
Land Preservation
medicine. Knowing the different and use them. shots remind the immune system of monly seen, anaphylactic
types of vaccinations and how they “By law, certain vaccines, diseases it is supposed to protect and delayed hypersensi-
For the first time in Ontario, prime agricultural land
work can help pet caregivers pro- like rabies vaccine, can only be against.” tivity,” explains Stickney.
has been permanently protected through a farmland con-
servation easement with the Ontario Farmland Trust
2010 Canadian National Eventing
Made possible through the generosity of long-time
horse enthusiast Deirdre Wright, the easement ensures
that the BelainFarm in Caledon remains in farming for
generations to come.
Team Announced
“It’s terribly important that we preserve our coun-
tryside and see that it stays rural,” Wright says. “It’s so
disastrous to see it being eaten up by aggregate and all
those houses.” Since moving to the farm in 1970, she
Ottawa, ON—Canadian Eventing Committee is please to Bob Holman, Catmantoo, Hawkestone, ON,
has witnessed rapid land use changes in the area, includ-
ing the development of enormous aggregate pits that
announce the 2010 Canadian National Eventing Team. The CIC 3* Richland Park Aug 2009
now surround three sides of the property.
Canadian Eventing High Performance Committee approved the Rebecca Howard (SL), Roquefort, Salmon Arm, BC /
Described by supporters as an oasis amidst the
list which recognizes performance results achieved at 2, 3 and 4 Norwood, NC, CCI 2* Fair Hill Oct 2009 many aggregate and urbanization issues, the Belain
star CCI competitions and CIC 3 star competitions to November Micheline Jordan, Irish Diamonds, Ottawa, ON / Ocala, FL, Farm sets a precedent for other farmland owners facing
16, 2009. Riders are listed in alphabetical order. CCI 2* Allentown 2009
similar development pressures. The 97 acre mixed grain
Kelli McMullen- Temple Axel Rose, Round Hill, VA,
and horse farm also contains mature hardwood forests
SHORT LIST CCI 2* Poplar Place Nov 2009
and provincially significant wetlands.
Rider/ Horse/ Home town/ Competition Veelion, CCI 2* Poplar Place Nov 2009, Valentine, CCI
The OFT farmland conservation easement, which is
2* Poplar Place Nov 2009
now tied to the title of the land, prevents current and
future landowners from altering the property from its
Hawley Bennett, Gin N Juice, Langley, BC, Danica Moore, Dunlavin’s Token, Salmon Arm, BC,
natural state and existing use for agriculture. Urban
CCI 3* Bromont 2009 CCI 2* Poplar Place Nov 2009
development and aggregate extraction, for example, are
Diana Burnett, Manny, Blackstock, ON, CCI 4* Rolex KY 2009 Julia Norman, Sauvignon, Kelowna, BC, not permitted.
Kyle Carter, Madison Park, Calgary, AB / Sparr, FL, CCI 2* Ocala April 2009 Wright says many of her neighbors operate horse
CCI 4* Rolex KY 2009 Waylon Roberts (SL), Gigi, Port Perry, ON,
farms as well and are delighted with the land preserva-
Jessica Hampf, High Society III, London, ON / Auburn, AB, CCI 2* Bromont 2009
tion initiative she has pursued with the OFT. She hopes
CCI 3* Allentown 2009 CH-2* NAJYRC 2009
word of the activities at Belain Farm has spread across
CCI 3* Blenheim 2009 Jessica Ruppel, Naughty by Nature, Ravenna, ON,
the province and many more people will now follow suit
Rebecca Howard, Riddle Master, CCI 2* Bromont 2009
to protect their land as well.
Those involved in the horse industry can play a
Salmon Arm, BC / Norwood, NC, CIC 3* Wits End Aug 2009
large role in the preservation of Ontario’s rich country-
CCI 3* Fair Hill 2009 Glynis Schultz, Irish, Brentwood Bay, BC,
side and rural heritage. Through farmland conservation
CCI 2* Allentown 2009 CCI 2* Kalispel July 2009 easements like Wright’s, the equine community has the
Chelan Kozak, Tasman Sea, Abbotsford, BC, Karl Slezak (SL), Watson’s Shelbreen, Tottenham, ON, potential to raise a strong voice in support of agriculture
CCI 3* Allentown 2009 CCI 2* Fair Hill Oct 2009
and land preservation, especially near urban areas where
Kelly List, Minstral, Bracebridge, ON, CCI 3* Bromont 2009 Nikki Smith, Suzi Q, Ottawa, ON,
development pressures are high and future of farming is
Selena O’Hanlon, Colombo, Elgin, ON, CCI 4* Rolex KY 2009 CCI 2* Poplar Place Nov 2009
Jessica Phoenix, Exploring, Cannington, ON, Edie Tarves, Arwen, Zephyr, ON, CCI 2* Fair Hill Oct 2009
An appreciation ceremony was held in August to
CCI 3* Blenheim 2009 Michael Winter, Unsteelable, Toronto, ON / UK,
acknowledge Wright’s donation and the support of the
Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation and the Credit Val-
Exponential, CCI 3* Allentown 2009 CCI 2* Weston Park Oct 2009
ley Conservation Authority, who were key partners with
Stephanie Rhodes-Bosch, Port Authority, Summerland, BC, Marissa Wolfe, The Maestro, Pitt Meadows, BC,
the OFT in this historic easement project. Since then,
CCI 3* Allentown 2009 CCI 2* Paso Robles 2009 one more farm near Goderich in Huron County has been
CCI 3* Fair Hill 2009 preserved through the Farmland Trust.
Ian Roberts, Napalm, Port Perry, ON, CCI 3* Fair Hill 2009 About Canadian Eventing
For more information on the OFT, please visit
Waylon Roberts , Myrddin’s Sebastian, Port Perry, ON, Canadian Eventing is the committee of Equine Canada or contact Bruce
CCI 3* Blenheim 2009 responsible for the sport of eventing in Canada from the grass-
Mackenzie, OFT Executive Director, at (519) 824-4120,
Karl Slezak, Kachemak Bay, Tottenham, ON, roots to the international level. The Canadian Eventing Commit-
ext. 52686.
CCI 3* Allentown 2009 tee is comprised of 12 members, including two rider representa-
The Ontario Farmland Trust is a not-for-profit orga-
nization that works to preserve the agricultural, natural
Charley Farley, CCI 2* Bromont 2009, CCI 3* Fair Hill 2009 tives elected by the Elite Riders Association. Directed by the
and cultural features of the countryside. OFT engages in
Strategic Plan for Eventing, all Eventing activities are adminis-
research and advocacy for farmland preservation, as well
LONG LIST tered by this committee via six sub-committees with the support as administering the farmland conservation easement
Rider/ Horse/ Home town/ Competition of an eventing manager based at the Equine Canada office in program which allows for on-the-ground land protection,
Sandra Donnelly, Buenos Aires, Calgary, AB, Ottawa. For more information about Canadian Eventing, visit
working in cooperation with landowners.
CIC 3* Temecula Mar 2009 and select disciplines then Eventing.
Equine Guelph is the horse owners’ and care givers’
Suzy Elliott, Chauncy, Westbank, BC/Yelm, WA,
Centre at the University of Guelph. It is a unique part-
CIC 3* Temecula Nov 2009 About Equine Canada
nership dedicated to the health and well-being of horses,
Kendal Lehari, Understudy, Uxbridge, ON, For more information about Equine Canada, please visit
supported and overseen by equine industry groups.
Equine Guelph is the epicentre for academia, industry
CIC 3* Wits End Aug 2009
and government – for the good of the equine industry as
Daily Edition, CCI 2* Fair Hill Oct 2009
a whole.
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