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Sandel Avionics, Inc. - HeliTAWS
™ view of the pilot would miss the point, so
they designed a radar altitude feature into
HTAWS Safety Plus
the HeliTAWS, enabling it to replace ex-
isting radar altitude displays that typically
lie in the pilot’s primary field of view.
By Bill Johnston
Proximity Awareness for
There’s a new leader in the HTAWS a single 3-ATI, 1.8 lb. unit.
Everyday Operations
(Helicopter Terrain Awareness Warning The HeliTAWS is built around Designed from the ground up for both
Systems) safety arena, and it gives heli- Sandel’s unique packaging concept of an retrofit and forward-fit helicopter applica-
copter operators twice the value for their integrated processor, database and display tions, Sandel’s HeliTAWS provides an
dollar: While offering superior HTAWS in one compact, panel-mounted box, unprecedented degree of capability, as
performance, it’s also an impressive prox- proven in thousands of business and com- demonstrated in recent FAA certification
imity awareness tool you’ll find yourself mercial aircraft and military helicopters. flight tests. Compared to Sandel’s trans-
using every time you fly. It’s Sandel’s “Despite what some people are claiming, port-category fixed-wing TAWS, the He-
new HeliTAWS, and it’s a product you’ll the TSO requires a display. But the pur- liTAWS system improves lateral
be hearing more about. pose of the display isn’t to pop up a mes- resolution by a factor of 25 and vertical
sage after an alert occurs, but rather to resolution by an astonishing factor of 100.
Superior HTAWS
give the pilot an awareness of the situa- And when viewing 3 arc-seconds of ter-
Incorporating a TSO’d HTAWS that tion beforehand,” said Gerry Block, rain data on a 1-mile scale, pilots will im-
goes significantly beyond the performance Sandel’s president. With its extensive ex- mediately see the extra degree of
levels defined in the C-194 TSO docu- perience in display technology, Sandel de- proximity awareness HeliTAWS offers,
ment; the Sandel HeliTAWS protects he- termined that a display that was especially when flying close to the
licopters from the hazard of shared or out of the ground.
CFIT (controlled flight into direct The Sandel HeliTAWS is also loaded
terrain.) Responsible for with helpful operational features, such as
more than 50% of all fatal a pilot-selectable sensitivity
EMS helicopter accidents, switch to support differ-
CFIT is a threat that can ent mission profiles; a
now be avoided with this pilot-controlled smart-
affordable, easy-to-install mute function paired
solution that puts a Class A with an amazing nui-
HTAWS processor and sance-alert suppres-
high-resolution display into sion feature; and
optional NVIS com-
pliance for night ops.
As Block noted, “If
we’d done what
everyone else is doing
and met only the mini-
mum operational perfor-
mance requirements for
HTAWS, we might not have a sys-
tem that helicopter pilots would like.”
With certification on schedule and ex-
pected by the end of March, Sandel’s new
HeliTAWS is more than a safety tool. It’s
a full-fledged proximity awareness sys-
tem that’s so impressive you’ll have to fly
it to believe it. For more information, visit

More than simply a safety system, Sandel’s new
HelitTAWS proximity awareness system gives
helicopter pilots a new perspective on hazard
avoidance, clearly presenting terrain and
obstacles in unprecedented detail.
photo: Sandel Aviation
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