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but your medical crewmembers and pa- curs. The Board of Directors who work ecutive Board members are the president,
tients as well. The board of directors serv- with appropriate governmental agencies president elect, secretary, and treasurer.
ing the NEMSPA membership represents represents NEMSPA members and vari- Other board members will hold a position
more years in the industry and more hours ous industry associations to develop, rec- within the board such as safety director,
in the cockpit than any other group within ommend, and implement standards membership director, governmental affairs
the air medical community. You can be involving aviation issues. These activi- director, CAMTS liaison, education direc-
proud to belong and contribute to a pro- ties address aviation safety and aviation tor, or other positions that are developed
gressive association that is clearly fulfill- regulations, flight and crewmember by the board to address current issues.
ing its promise to “lead the way to a safer safety, air medical flight operations, EMS
air medical industry.” aircraft and their associated technology,
Recent Accomplishments
Are you an air medical pilot and not yet and any other pilot-related issues deemed So what has NEMSPA done for you as
a member of NEMSPA? Please go to appropriate by the Board of Directors and an EMS pilot? Some recent highlights in- and check out YOUR by the membership. The association may clude the following:
association. We need you! also collect and publish statistical infor-
mation, and formally recognize individu-
Representation At NTSB Hearings
Defining NEMSPA
als who make significant contributions to NEMSPA presented a paper, titled “An
So what is NEMSPA? Using informa- the safety and excellence of the industry. Opportunity to Improve” at historic NTSB
tion obtained from the Association by- NEMSPA has no formal affiliation with hearings in February of 2009. We were
laws and the NEMSPA website, one of any labor union and does not address is- provided one of the five tables on the floor
our board members summarized the pur- sues related to compensation for hire but of the hearing and provided major input
pose and makeup of NEMSPA as follows: will address working conditions as they to the deliberations that took place. The
The association is membership-based relate to safety. hearing agenda often centered on the ten
and derives its director leadership from its There are 12 positions on the Board of recommendations outlined in our position
members through biennial elections or by Directors. Each director is elected by the paper. Many of those issues were reflected
special election whenever a vacancy oc- membership for a two-year term. The Ex- in the final recommendations made by the
NTSB to the FAA and to other agencies.
Promotion Of
Night Vision Goggles
NEMSPA has met with key FAA rep-
resentatives numerous times to promote
the use and benefit of NVGs. The
NEMSPA sponsored NVG survey, which
collected nearly 800 responses from in-
dustry pilots, has been used extensively in
the industry to show the importance of
“seeing at night.” NEMSPA hosted key
rule makers from the FAA in Salt Lake
City in August of 2008, where actual
NVG demonstrations were conducted in
a demanding mountainous environment.
We believe these combined efforts have
resulted in the change of focus to NVGs
as the single most important technology
for the safety of HEMS night operations.
No Pressure Initiative
NEMSPA received the prestigious Vi-
sion Zero Award at AMTC 2009 for its
development of the No Pressure Initiative,
which was begun following a survey con-
ducted among EMS pilots early in 2009.
This survey indicated that “internal and
external pressures” to accept and continue
flights in adverse conditions is a signifi-
cant problem in air medical operations.
NEMSPA formed a collaborative group
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