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oversaw and participated in several dramatic rescues, he
never saw his dream of the helicopter becoming a widely
accepted tool for search and rescue come to fruition. Part of
this was due to the strong resistance from within the Coast
Guard to replacing seaplanes with helicopters and part of it
was due to the limited ability of the earliest helicopter mod-
els. By the time Captain Erickson passed away in 1978 he-
licopters had become widely used in military and civilian
aviation and accepted as an extremely important part of the
national search and rescue system by the Coast Guard. Cap-
tain Erickson was inducted into both the Naval Aviation and
Coast Guard Aviation Halls of Honor and a flight training
building at the Coast Guard Aviation Training Center in Mo-
bile, AL bears his name. The Coast Guard Aviation Asso-
ciation sponsors the annual Erickson Award which
recognizes rotary wing flight crews who demonstrate ex-
ceptional performance while engaged in search and rescue
operations. In August of 2005, rescue helicopters from
If you haven’t seen Bruce yet, you’re
Coast Guard bases across the country responded to the de-
struction caused in the New Orleans area by Hurricane Ka-
missing out on some industry expertise
trina. At one point during the recovery operations there were
that could be costing you hundreds
62 Coast Guard helicopters, one third of the entire Coast
Guard helicopter fleet, conducting rescue operations (Coast
of thousands of dollars in lost revenue.
Guard Response to Hurricane Katrina, n.d.). Coast Guard
Bruce Gullingsrud is the Vice President
aircrews were credited with saving 12,533 lives in what has
since become known as the largest air rescue operation in
of Business Development for Spectrum history. This was a crowning moment for the rescue heli-
Aeromed and he’s recognized as a
copter and a testament to the foresight Captain Erickson had
over 60 years prior.

multi-mission aircraft expert.
LT Brad McNally is a 2001
graduate of the United States Coast
Visit him at the Spectrum
Guard Academy. After serving
a ship tour and working in the
Aeromed booth #4442 at
Office of Naval Engineering at US
HELI-EXPO 2010 to find out
Coast Guard Headquarters in
Washington, DC, he attended Naval
how he can help you:
Flight Training in Pensacola,

Save money
Florida. He is currently pursuing his graduate studies in

Discover new revenue sources
Aeronautical Engineering while serving as a MH-65C
Dolphin Helicopter pilot stationed in Atlantic City, NJ,

Maximize the use of your existing fleet
where he resides with his wife Monica and son Brett.

Design custom air medical equipment
Beard, B. (1996). Wonderful Flying Machines: A History of U.S. Coast Guard
Helicopters. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press.
Beard, T. (1998). Despair and Visions: Birth of the Rescue Helicopter. PaperCall or email
presented at the Eleventh Annual Maritime Archaeology and History Symposium,
Honolulu, HI.
Coast Guard Response to Hurricane Katrina. (n.d.). U.S. Coast Guard Website.
to schedule a private meeting
Retrieved March 2, 2008, from factfile/Factcards/
before or after the show.
Erickson, F. (1966). A Brief History of Coast Guard Aviation. Speech given at the
50th Anniversary Celebration of Air Station Houston, reprinted in the Coast Guard
Academy Alumni Bulletin, 418-427.
Induction Citation. (n.d.). (Frank Erickson’s induction citation into the Naval
Aviation Hall of Fame.) Unpublished and obtained from Naval Aviation Museum
Curator’s Office, Pensacola, FL.
Sikorsky, S. (2006, January). Development of the Helicopter Rescue Hoist, Sikorsky
Archives News, 5-6.
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