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EDMO Distributors - P25 and Analog Testing -
In A Hand Held Radio Test Solution
By EDMO Distributors
A portable, full featured Digital and ing quick transmitter and receiver mea-
Analog Radio Test Set that weighs less surements on an installed radio system.
than 8 pounds. The Aeroflex 3500A The 3500A provides the following radio
is the industry’s first rugged, installation tests:
portable, hand-held radio test set
that offers P25 and AM/FM test • Handset and antenna allow over the
capabilities for the aviation mar- air “Talk Test”
ket place. With the latest in • RSSI meter
portability, battery life and • RF error meter
performance, the 3500A • Modulation measurements
builds upon Aeroflex’s ex- • Audio frequency counter
pertise in developing • Spectrum analyzer
portable radio communi- • Audio frequency oscilloscope
cations test sets with ex-
clusive features and Bench Top Test Features Included. In
affordability that sets a addition to performing over the air mea-
new standard in surements, the 3500A includes the capa-
portable radio test bility to perform both bench top tests on a
sets. Designed to meet radio. All radio parameters including
the needs of avionics power, frequency error, modulation accu-
and land mobile radio racy, receiver sensitivity and audio per-
tests, the 3500A provides formance are easily accessed and tested
fast, reliable measurements with the 3500A. Some available bench
of the radio’s transmitter top tests include:
and receiver parameters.
The 3500A features • RF power
2 MHz to 1 GHz op- • RF frequency error
eration, P25 and • AM modulation/FM deviation
AM/FM transmitter and • Receive Signal Strength Indicator
receiver tests, spectrum (RSSI)
analyzer with <-136 dBm • DCS and DTMF encode/decode
noise floor, oscilloscope and • SINAD/sensitivity
antenna/cable tests. • Spectrum analyzer
Fast Over-the-Air Tests. Aeroflex de- • Audio frequency oscilloscope
signed the 3500A so that you could use
it for quick installed radio testing to effi- Exclusive Antenna and Cable Tests.
ciently find radio failures. The 3500A With the additional capability to perform
is lightweight and perfect for hand-held quick testing of antennas and cables, the
testing. There is no need to connect to 3500A provides the most complete
the radio under test, simply connect portable test solution available to quickly
the supplied antenna, key up the ra- isolate problems and assess the perfor-
dio and then measure the radio pa- mance of the radio, cable and antenna
rameters over-the-air. You can systems. Since many radio faults lie in
even use the provided handset to the cabling and/or antenna and not with
check voice quality of the trans- the radio, the 3500A includes the capa-
mitter and receiver. A push-to- bility to measure the VSWR or return loss
talk button on the handset of an antenna, and the loss or distance to
controls whether the 3500A fault of a cable. By isolating the problem
is transmitting or receiving. to the cable, connector or antenna, you
The Duplex test screen is ideal for mak- can avoid returning good radios to the de-
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