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6 | June 2008 |
Intel invests $15m
in Green Packet
Regional WiMAX
event in Russia
Intel has ploughed RM50m ($15m) operators use 5MHz and 10MHz
of investment into Green Packet, channels. To explore the Russian WiMAX Forum Regional Director, themes
the parent company of Packet One The other three 2.3GHz WiMAX opportunity in depth, WiMAX covered in depth include: who
Networks, a WiMAX licence holder licence holders in Malaysia are Russia & CIS (Moscow, 21-22 owns what spectrum in Russia and
in Malaysia. REDtone, which holds a 25MHz October)—a highly focused the CIS? what frequencies are avail-
Packet One is one of four slice of spectrum in East Malay- regional event produced by In- able for WiMAX and where?; and
WiMAX licence holders in Malay- sia covering the cities of Sabah forma Telecoms & Media on be- assessing the commercial merits
sia in the 2.3GHz band. It is aim- and Sarawak; and Bizsurf and half of the WiMAX Forum—will of establishing a national mobile
ing to launch commercial mobile Asiaspace, which each hold 30MHz feature 30+ speakers from across broadband network in Russia.
WiMAX services in June 2008. chunks of spectrum and serve the entire WiMAX ecosystem. Space on the agenda is limited.
Although the 2.3GHz band is Peninsular Malaysia. A number of high-level key- Do you have valuable deploy-
used in Korea it is not expected Although the Malaysian Com- note visionaries has already com- ment experience to share? If you
that Korean vendors will become munications and Multimedia Com- mitted to the speak at the event. represent an incumbent, mobile or
WiMAX suppliers in the Malaysian mission (MCMC) awarded the four These include: Vitaly Slizen, greenfield WiMAX operator, ap-
market. Korea Telekom’s WiBro 2.3GHz licences in March 2007 general director, Synterra; Valery plication developer, content owner,
service operates in 8.75MHz chan- not one of the WiMAX players has Tikhvinskiy, executive director, regulator or laptop manufacturer,
nels while the Malaysian 2.3GHz launched commercial service so far. Prestige Group; Bob Fonow, vice and would like to play a key role in
president, Trivon/Virgin Con- defining the direction of the indus-
nect; and Alexander Gorbunov, try’s most influential events, please
vice president for strategy and submit your proposal to Helen.
WiMAX semi-
development, Comstar.
Following extensive primary
research with the industry and
conductor surge
consultation with the WiMAX
Research firm IDC says
worldwide WiMAX semi-
conductor revenue will reach
nearly $480m this year,
growing to $1.2bn in 2012.
IDC bases its forecasts on
the fact there are more than
200 infrastructure deploy-
ments currently underway
and a WiMAX-capable
Editor’s choice of recent articles
mobile PC platform (Monte-
vina) is expected from Intel
on the WiMAX Vision website
Intel chipset
in Q2 2008.
ººÊ India to issue WiMAX and 3G guidelines in June
“The [WiMAX] technol- IDC expects WiMAX semicon-
ogy has evolved from terrestrial ductor sales to ramp up steeply
ººÊ Wateen Telecom to name new suppliers
to nomadic to mobile over the in 2008. Carrier base stations and
ººÊ Industry groups combine to boost WiMAX roaming
last several years and further CPE units have been shipping for
enhancements to the standard more than a year and should accel-
ººÊ Urban WiMAX targets profitability next year
can be expected in the months erate, says IDC, with the release of
ººÊ WiMAX annual growth rate more than doubles
ahead,” says Flint Pulskamp, Intel’s Montevina platform, which
ººÊ Deutsche Telekom eyeing up Sprint Nextel?
programme manager for IDC’s supports both wifi and WiMAX.
unit tracking the wireless As WiMAX gains traction, IDC ººÊ Fujitsu confirms new WiMAX JV in Taiwan
semiconductor space. “The next says that manufacturers will de-
ººÊ Apple looking at WiMAX iPhone?
year, however, will tell us a great velop the economies of scale and
deal about consumers’ interest cost reductions that will enable ººÊ BSNL targets mobile WiMAX launch mid-2008
and acceptance of WiMAX. With the technology to find its way into
ººÊ WiMAX heating up in Asia
competing technologies closing a wider range of products, includ-
the performance gap, this will ing digital cameras, personal
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future.” mobile phones.
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