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02 Editorial 24 Feature—Breaking the vendor lock-in
It is the number one priority for many mobile WiMAX network
04 News
operators: interoperability between different vendors’ kit to deliver
Highlights of recent WiMAX events from around the globe,
an end-to-end network. Not only does interoperability break the
including Intel’s TDD spectrum win in Sweden, Virgin’s WiMAX
vendor lock-in and reduce equipment cost, but it also allows
venture into Russia, mobile WiMAX network update from Sprint
operators to adopt a best-of-breed purchasing policy to offer the
and Samsung, and contract wins for Alvarion and Alcatel-Lucent
level of functionality they desire. Given its importance, a number of
suppliers—along with the WiMAX Forum—are stepping up their
efforts to ensure network interoperability beyond the RAN
08 Analysis
New Clearwire gives WiMAX a boost; the unlicensed spectrum
opportunity; WiMAX strategies for flat-fee pricing; an assessment
30 Feature—WiMAX gets disruptive
of WiMAX spectrum requirements for business case success; and
Radical new ways of doing business will give WiMAX players an
WiMAX potential as a DSL substitute
opportunity to distinguish themselves in the broadband marketplace.
Central to the disruptive WiMAX business model will be an open
IP platform. Through collaboration with thousands of application
18 Congress Asia review
developers, WiMAX operators can stimulate innovation and become
The WIMAX Forum Congress event, held in Singapore
service brokers. By doing so, traditional telco ways of doing business
(9-10 April), was the biggest of its kind in the region and highlighted
will be called increasingly into question by shareholders and investors
Asia as a hot-bed of WiMAX activity. From developed markets to
emerging economies, WiMAX is finding a place in Asia’s fixed and
mobile sectors. Along with the start of the certification process for
34 Case study—REDtone (Malaysia)
mobile WiMAX products, announced in Singapore, the WiMAX
The Malaysian operator, with a 2.3GHz WiMAX licence to its name,
Forum asserts a two to three year lead over competing technologies
is pushing for much cheaper kit ahead of commercial launch
20 Interview—Joseph Cuschieri,
36 Case study—Netia (Poland)
Poland’s largest altnet has switched its WiMAX focus from urban
Vodafone Malta
to rural areas as the regulator forces the incumbent to open up its
Vodafone Malta’s Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) explains why the
broadband network to competitors
Vodafone subsidiary believes WiMAX is a perfect fit for delivering
broadband to the home. The first of the Vodafone Group’s operations
to launch commercial WiMAX services, Vodafone Malta is pitching
38 Market Analysis—UK
WiMAX as mobile Internet within the home for the whole family, as
The UK broadband market is crowded and highly competitive, but
well as a substitute for traditional fixed-line services
the WiMAX players remain undaunted. They believe a success-
ful business case can be built on single-digit market shares. The
big question is who will be interested in snapping up nationwide
22 Market Watch—Commercial
2.6GHz spectrum, which is scheduled to be auctioned this autumn?
WiMAX goes global
Freedom4 and Urban WiMAX, if they continue with their WiMAX
A comprehensive list of WiMAX operators from around the world
focus on data products for towns and cities, don’t look like getting
that have launched commercial service
involved at this stage. BT, the UK incumbent, has yet to reveal its
WiMAX intentions
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