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apacity, Coverage, CAPEX consumption, maintenance; all of these
and other site acquisition issues. These
and OPEX. In this industry, costs are subjected to ever-increasing
benefi ts mean an improved OPEX profi le
you’re always trading one for scrutiny.
when compared to competing solutions.
another. Our new MacroMAXe Mobile
Even with fewer sites, carriers are MacroMAXe is small in size but big in
WIMAX base station, improves all four.
constantly looking for small footprint base performance. Thanks to the unique and
MacroMAXe combines best-of-breed RF
stations that increase their options for site highly effi cient power amplifi er technology
and baseband technology to create the
selection. employed in its RF implementation, dual
gold standard by which others will be
high power radios for 2x2 MIMO enable a
Airspan’s MacroMAXe base station has
carrier to operate at 60dBm EiRP with the
been developed in order to provide real-
Low-Cost Tower-Top Form Factor:
front-mounted antennas.
world answers to these challenges.
Advanced digital and RF components
In licensed bands available spectrum is a
packaged into a single all-outdoor unit.
MacroMAXe maximizes carrier revenues
scarce and valuable resource which must
by increasing per site capacity whilst
Capacity-Increasing Performance:
be used effi ciently. In order to achieve
minimizing both CAPEX and OPEX
Two full 10-MHz channels or 1 x 20 MHz
frequency reuse factor of one (N=1) the best
next generation 16e, each with a full Wave
balance between spectral effi ciency and
2 Mobile WiMAX feature set.
interference mitigation must be achieved.
This is realized through an advanced
Coverage-Enhancing Power:
implementation of Fractional Frequency
New RF technology which is so effi cient
Reuse (FFR). This implementation of
that output power of the two channels is
FFR when combined with the unique
+40dBm (10W) delivered right into the
front mounted cross-polar antennas.
Front view without Rear view
Dual MAC/PHY capability enables reuse
factor of one (N=1) to be achieved with
MacroMAXe is a class-leading 2nd minimal degradation in spectral effi ciency.
It provides industry leading operational
generation Mobile WiMAX base station, MacroMAXe can also be deployed using
range and twice the system capacity of
initially available in the 2.3GHz and traditional frequency reuse plans.
competing solutions. This means that you
2.5GHz bands. It employs Software
deploy less base stations than you would MacroMAXe has been developed to
Defi ned Radio (SDR) technology capable
otherwise have to. Furthermore, the be fully compatible with “profi le C”
of supporting an unparalleled feature set:
increased system capacity can be used to interoperable R6 and R8 reference
• Dual PHY / MAC
either serve more customers from one base points, as defi ned by the WiMAX Forum.
• Dual 10W transceivers,
station or offer high value, differentiated MacroMAXe works seamlessly with both
• Front-Mounted Antennas
services. Airspan’s ControlMAX family of ASN
• Integrated Tri-sector GPS Gateways or with other compliant third
MacroMAXe’s physically small and light
• Integrated Ethernet Aggregation party products, thus enabling the creation
all-outdoor packaging provides the best
• 20-kg, 20-liter all-outdoor package of a fully open and interoperable Mobile
possible solution to the rollout issues,
Increased power and capacity means fewer
WiMAX environment.
increasing the speed of implementation
tower sites and less equipment at each site.
and improving the chances of deployment In short, MacroMAXe is the ideal Mobile
Today, carriers understand more than ever
alongside already deployed equipment as WiMAX base station solution delivering
how costly a tower site can be over time.
well as reducing the problems associated the biggest performance in the smallest
Site preparation, leasing, backhaul, power
with obtaining planning permissions package.
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