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Managing Editor & Circulation Manager “Green shoots” is the cliché of the season, referring
Publisher Carl Pan
to hopeful signs of economic recovery. The theme of
Russel Beron
Event Manager this issue is green, but from an environmental rather
Editorial Advisor
Giselle Yang
than an economic angle. The words sustainability and
Max Henry Photographers green are thrown around to no end, but we wanted to
Art Director
Grant-Oh! Buchwald
know if anything meaningful is happening. We look at
How Xu
Jackson Lowen
everything from energy use, product design, resource
Contributing Writers and material use to sourcing and CSR practices.
Graphic Designer
Jack Buffington, Namrita
Acco Fang
The picture is blurry, but like the economy and
Chow, Nicholas Herbert,
its green shoots, sustainable supply chains show
Staff Writer Rebecca Kanthor, Tielman
unmistakable signs of optimism. While some companies
Ethan Epstein Nieuwoudt, Damon Paling
might be just painting a green façade, in the words of
Finance Manager
one source, “green is now a competitive advantage.” In
Jenny Kim
the near future, companies that evade the issues will
become dinosaurs and their products will be shunned
by informed consumers.
Editorial Advisory Board
The auto industry is a case in point. We’d be best off
Jeff Broadhurst, Vincent Chang, Chris Deans, Marnix Ettema,
taking pointers from Warren Buffet, who is investing
John D. Van Fleet, Jean Luc Laboucheix, JP Sexton,
in BYD Auto, the Chinese battery power and electric/
Aldo Spaanjaars, Yann Teste, Guy Tran
hybrid car company, not in the dying American auto
industry. Even GM realized that as a mass consumer
CHaINA Sponsorship
vehicle, the Hummer is a relic, salvaged by the Chinese
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for its technology, not for its fuel efficiency.
with CHaINA Magazine, please contact:
The shifting economic equilibrium powered as
much by necessity as by crisis and conscience, has
Russel Beron
left a question mark for Chinese auto suppliers. While
American auto manufacturers and suppliers struggle to
pick up the pieces, Chinese suppliers have taken the
opportunity to expand their technological base.
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Signs of China’s climb up the value chain are evident
in Greater China who are involved in all aspects of supply
in every sector from auto, where they are buying up
chain management, manufacturing and logistics. Our target
assets of troubled suppliers and OEM’s, to aerospace,
subscribers are logistics, warehousing and transportation
directors and managers; sourcing, procurement and
where they are expanding manufacturing and assembly
purchasing directors and managers; and manufacturing
of aircraft such as the Airbus A320.
executives at foreign and domestic Chinese companies.
Quality is still a concern, but by all accounts it seems
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to be improving as the competition heats up among
suppliers that have survived the downturn. Nobody
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