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Natural sRGB JPEG Natural+ sRGB Portrait sRGB
Similar in feel to a good negative print, this ren- More neutral in colour and higher in contrast, this Lower contrast shows extra detail in the fabric
dering is ideal for direct printing and web pages setting resembles Centuria Chrome slide film and smooth skin tones – also ideal for weddings
Landscape sRGB Sunset sRGB BW sRGB
While greens are of course good, this setting is A very warm cast and high contrast are added The BW mode produces a colour (RGB) file not
just a little brighter and crisper than Natural to shots – keep this for its intended purpose! greyscale. It is very neutral with good contrast
The sRGB colour space holds slightly JPEG files are not so easily adjusted later a set of portraits, and the effect is not so extreme
less range of colour than AdobeRGB, but it without problems (colour shifts or loss of detail) that it will ruin other shots. This applies to all
more closely matches normal printers and and the Dynax 5D offers a whole set of JPEG sRGB the settings except Sunset and BW; you need to
screens. sRGB files have the extension .JPG direct shooting modes, shown on this page with be careful not to leave these set by mistake.
and are correctly seen by card-slot print- the exception of ‘Night’ and ‘Night Portrait’ The Picture or Scene modes on the main control
ers, PictBridge, and web page browsers. which are not appropriate for the subject. dial, alternatives to P/A/S/M or fully Auto (Green),
If you shoot raw .MRW files, you can convert You can set the individual sRGB JPEG render- automatically select the best sRGB rendering for
to AdobeRGB or sRGB, and make extensive ing using the Function Fn button menu, when that type of scene. Just switching to the portrait
adjustments to colour (as shown on the left in P/A/S/M modes. The choices are ‘Natural’ symbol automatically produces Portrait rendered
hand page). Skin tones are important. You can (closest to AdobeRGB), ‘Natural+’ with extra sRGB JPEGs with .JPG extension, even if your main
see how RAW+JPEG shooting for this portrait sharpness and contrast, ‘Portrait’ with the default for P/A/S/M has been set to AdobeRGB.
has produced a .MRW raw file which can reverse, ‘Landscape’ with increased contrast As you can see, these settings should not
be given many different ‘looks’ and remain and saturation, ‘Sunset’ with a strong warming be ignored and do make a real difference to
– like a negative – unaffected itself. You can filter effect, and ‘BW’ for direct black and white. the colour and contrast of the final print.
always do a different conversion later on. It is very quick to select Portrait before shooting null
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