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fih 12th men’s neW delhi, india, february 28 - marCh 13, 2010

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Australia wins the cup final 2-1 after substituting in their penalty corner specialist while the video umpire was looking for his remote control.

England start like a steam train with a 3-2 win over the Aussies on day one and then are the first team to qualify for the semi-finals. But their star defender Richard Mantell suffers a dislocated ankle fracture in their third game (Pakistan). In the semis, England are stuffed by an excellent German side 4-1. Then, in the bronze medal game, they come up against the Dutch (in star keeper Guus Vogels’ last international game). Take a 3-1 half-time lead and lose 4-3 as the Dutch run them into the ground. Ashley Jackson finds out the ‘World Young Player of the Year’ award means you are closed down faster than a camel’s bum in a sandstorm, but he still finishes

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third in the scorers table (three field goals, four corners). James Fair is brilliant in goal for England (mention a fantastic double PC save against the Aussies). Rich Mantell is easily the best defender there before his injury – Germany’s Max Muller wins the official gong for that. India beat Pakistan 4-1 on the first day and don’t seem interested in beating anyone else. Pakistan come last and the whole squad resigns, but they do England a huge favour by beating Spain in England’s pool. Best goal of the tournament : Jonty Clarke (Eng) against Pakistan – Ben Hawes (left back position), 80m aerial to James Tindall (left wing) who hits cross with back to goal, Clarke slides from about 15m out, in line with right post – top corner. Get in! Zing televised all the games in the UK (that’s where you watched!)

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PLAYER OF CUP: Guus Vogels (NED) GOALIE OF THE CUP: Guus Vogels (NED) DEFENDER OF THE CUP: Maximilian Muller (GER)

TOP SCORERS: Luke Doerner (AUS) and Taeke Taekema (NED), 8 goals

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