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Passion Islam I March 2010 LOCAL & NATIONAL NEWS I 7
Sacked Baroness slams
Israel’s ‘attitude’ in Palestine
Baroness Jenny Tonge, who was
sacked from the British House of Lords
for alleged ‘anti-Israeli comments,’ has
criticized “the Israeli attitude towards
the Palestinians.”
The Liberal Democrat health
spokeswoman, an outspoken critic
of Israel’s inhumane conduct against
the Palestinians, was promptly
removed from her post on Saturday
for comments she made to the Jewish
Chronicle about Israel’s role in human
organ trafficking from the quake-
stricken Haiti.
Tonge had called for an inquiry
into claims that the Israeli troops and
aid workers deployed in Haiti were
involved in trafficking human organs.
Tonge said in an interview with
Press TV that she saw people
humiliated on a daily basis in the West
letters. said, “Some thing that we always
Bank during a “life-changing” visit to
She added that she had received seem to do in this country is to follow
the region in 2003, as if the attitude
a telephone call from the then-Liberal America, and secondly, they are
was to “make them crawl, make them
Democratic leader, Charles Kennedy, gurgling along with Europe and there
suffer whenever you can.”
and had been told that unless she are European countries like Germany,
She said witnessing the injustices
withdrew her comments she would be who are absolutely terrified of anti-
there had made her very angry, adding
removed from the frontbench. Semitism.”
that she did not believe the Balfour
Tonge believes she was under “I mean, we haven’t mentioned that
Declaration had ever envisaged
pressure from the Israeli lobby, which word yet, but it drives policy, because
Israeli soldiers driving people away at
were very active in all British politics, of the holocaust, which I have read a
while “practically running American lot about it and I think was one of the
Asked about her controversial
foreign policy.” worst things that mankind has ever
comments in 2004, when she
She said that the Israeli lobby perpetrated on other human beings.”
expressed an understanding of a
had a lot of influence with all of the She then noted, “So a lot of
suicide bomber after being subjected
country’s three major parties, all of European countries, and Germany
to the constant humiliations the
which are inevitably linked to a huge in particular, are overwhelmingly
Palestinians go through, she ridiculed organization called ‘the Friends of guilty about that an terrified of “anti-
media allegations that she was inciting Israel.’ Semitism” leveled at them…..And that
acts of terror. She was also asked what she added to adhering to the American
“The constant humiliation that has thought about the fact that Cherie foreign policy, which is run by the
gone on for decades in Palestine…. Blair, the wife of the former British Israel lobby, according to [American
Even after a week, I was feeling premier Tony Blair, had retraced similar scholars] Walt and Mearsheimer,
depressed and angry, humiliated comments about understanding the these two factors mean we do what
myself. And I thought that if I was impulse of a suicide bomber. we do.”
in that situation trying to bring up Tonge responded that she believed Tonge emphasized, “I think that
my family and that happened every it was very sad that the freedom of that is very very short sighted, and I
day…, I might, if I had been a speech was often undermined in think that it is very short-sighted for
Palestinian and a Muslim, which of the political circles concerning the Israel to think that the country has
course I am neither of those, I might Palestinian resistance. any long term future at all if it carries
have considered being one [suicide She also expressed disagreement on like this, because sooner or later
bomber] myself actually.” with the British policy over the Gaza they (the Palestinians) are going to
“It is absolutely useless blockage and that the iron ring alone fight back.”
condemning acts of terror, like cold had caused “a whole generation” to Tonge was elected to the House
suicide bombing without actually suffer from malnourishment, stunted of Commons in 1997 and in the
going to the roots and understanding
growth, bed-wetting, and attention same year she was also elected as
why they do it.”
disorder. the Shadow Secretary of State for
She stressed that she had never
In explaining the British International Development. She was
regretted that statement and that she
government’s stance on the elevated to the UK House of Lords in
had received thousands of support
humanitarian crisis in Gaza, Tonge 2005.
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