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20 I SPECIAL FEATURE Passion Islam I March 2010
The Mother’s influence
on the children
The most prevailing influence anything Allah Ta’ala forbid, stole the item he She didn’t even ask me to return the
can have on the child is the influence is bound to make such false claims egg to the neighbour. In fact, she
of the mother. Hence the mother is to protect himself from humiliation. started chirping in happiness and
required to develop virtuous morals It is also natural that when the child said: “I praise the Almighty that today
and character. Don’t underplay any realizes that his parent or guardian is my son has turned out to be a perfect
action of the child even if it seems not very meticulous about his inquiries man.” If my mother didn’t have such
trivial. You should be well conscious then the child is bound to plummet a twittering tongue, I wouldn’t have
of the child’s activities within the home further into a life of criminality. been a criminal of society today.”
and beyond as well. However, the child Worse than this is when the child is An incident pertaining to this
should not be aware that he is under assisted or encouraged by the parent topic is narrated in the books of
surveillance as this would hamper to engage in theft. Undoubtedly the Hadith. One night, Hadrat ‘Umar
his natural development and he child will become more entrenched (Radhiallaahu Anhu) was on his usual
won’t be able to come out of himself. in this crime and he is bound to rounds around Madinah when he
Similarly, when you see something in be entangled in a life of vice and came across a house and overheard
his possession that was not given by criminality. the following conversation: “Daughter!
you or his father or any other relative, A Muslim court once handed down Add on a bit of water to the milk.” On
make sure you delve into the source sentence to a thief. As his hand was hearing more closely, he realized that
of that item. Some parents wholly about to be amputated, he ragingly mother and daughter are engaged in
believe their children when they claim addressed the people around him a dispute over diluting the milk with
they found it on the road or obtained saying: “Before amputating my hand water. Upon the mother asking the
it from a friend. The parents avoid the amputate my mother’s tongue. When daughter to add water, the daughter
trouble of making further enquiries and I pilfered an egg the very first time in replied: “This is an offense. The
consider their duty done. Whereas my life from my neighbour’s house, Caliph has vehemently forbade such
it is a natural instinct that if a child, my mother failed to admonish me. an action.” The mother countered:
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