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method of the cock-fight of caucuses apply to it. The purpose of the State is to be imitated by a truly Islamic State,
and set up only one ruling party that to maintain its strength and glory and whose aim is the establishment of
should brook no opposition either to inculcate in the citizens a blind and universal peace transcending all racial
from individuals or from groups. The mystical obedience. Internationalism and national boundaries.
whole spirit of Islam is against both is eschewed. Universal humanity is The Qur’an has enunciated a basis
these alternatives. Ruling by one party considered a myth and all attempts for a truly effective League of Nations
takes away the liberty of the citizens in that direction are dubbed as by teaching that if two groups disagree
to voice their independent feelings: in hypocritical. According of Fascism, about a vital right, attempt should be
such totalitarian States there can be among the national groups there is a made by disinterested .parties to settle
no liberty for the individual; he must biological struggle for existence which the dispute in a just manner. The award
either fall in line with the dictates recognises no other law but that of having been given, the parties to the
of the party or forfeit his essential survival through superior might; hence dispute should be bound to abide by it.
liberties. Similarly, in the struggle for preparation for war .is the primary If a party is recalcitrant and refuses to
power in the party-politics of liberal duty of every State; pacifism is the act according to the decision, it should
democracies truth and common weal creed of. the degenerates. Having be made to bend by force used by all
are ruled out or take a very subordinate resolved conflicts within the nation, by the parties together. It is clear that no
place. There is a regimentation of dictating modes of forced harmony, it League of Nations can ever become
the representatives of the people in encourages conflicts between different an effective body until it acts on this
every parliament. An independent States. Quranic injunction.
man becomes a back-bencher: an As one-party dictatorship based
independent man in this system, if on force is un-Islamic. so is the basic The Welfare State
he gets elected at all, is considered ideology of a Fascist State. Islam The modern States have gradually
A Comparative
to be useless because no party can recognises no racial or national evolved the idea of a Welfare State
depend upon him. In a truly Islamic boundaries as vital and ultimate but it will be difficult for a political
consultative body as was convened and encourages all attempts at historian to deny the fact that
off and on by the great Khalifa Omar international peace. Great emphasis is Muhammad was the first statesman
, men of understanding and character laid on peaceful cooperation between to conceive the idea of a Welfare State
came together, without forming a different religious or national groups and to put it into practice. Even when
Study of Ideologies
single dictatorial party or splitting up on the basis of all elements that are England had developed its political
into majority and minority groups. If an common between them. The Qur’an institutions and established
Islamic State convenes assemblies or invited the Jews and the Christians parliamentary government on a
consultative groups for the settlement to cooperate with the Muslims on workable basis, its great philosopher,
of specific or general problems, every that which formed common ground Herbert Spencer, was advocating the
member must be an independent between them. Fascism derided the idea of a laissez-faire State acting as
member representing particular basis of the League of Nations. That a policeman only. Such a Police State
regions or particular interests, not international body and Its successor, gathers taxes from its citizens to
elected on any party ticket. He must the United Nations, promulgated very maintain. on behalf of the taxpayers,
be chosen only on the basis of his high ideals but Fell miserably short army and police to protect the citizens
knowledge and character. in implementing them. It was power against invaders and law-breakers.
‘The Islamic State would endorse, rather than Peace that dominated Citizens have to be protected? against
some part of the programme of the their mind and with that mental make- murder and personal injury, theft and
Fascist State without subscribing to up there could be little hope of any fraud. At the most the State might
its entire ideology. Fascism proposes substantial achievement in the sphere spend some money on education and
to weld the nation into an organic of international justice. In the first public health. Spencer wanted no
whole in which the conflicts of interest place it was difficult for them to agree interference of the State in the
shall not be allowed a free-play to the even on an obviously just course and economic life of the society, which
detriment of national solidarity. The even if they happened to agree, they should be based only on free contact.
right of private property is recognised had neither the will nor the power to The law of supply and demand will by
as it is recognised in Islam, but all implement their decision, if it involved itself create an equilibrium. Adam
rights of the employers and the a real sacrifice on their part. The Smith, the father of laissez-faire
employed are subject to the over-all Fascist objection to the League was. economics, restricted the functions of
supervision and control of the State. In however, not based on its inefficiency, the government to three things only.
the Fascist programme there is much but the very idea of international he says, “According to the system of
to be admired. But the fundamental justice was repudiated. The fascist natural liberty, the sovereign has only
urge of the Fascist State is vicious. idea is that it is the right of the strong to three duties to attend to-three duties
The State is set up on a racial or conquer and hold what is can: it is the of great importance indeed but plain
national basis. The State becomes an destiny of the weak to be conquered, and intelligible to common
object of worship which has a life of ruled and exploited. However one understanding: first, the duty of
its own. over and above the lives of might appreciate the Fascist methods protecting the society from violence
the individuals. This metaphysical and of harmonising conflicts within the and invasion of other independent
mythical entity has no moral purposes body politics and of achieving national societies; secondly, the duty of
as the ethics of the individual does not solidarity, the moral cost is too great protecting, as far as possible, every
We gratefully acknowledge and thank the Institute of Islamic Culture for permission to reproduce Chapter 13 from his book “ Ideology of Islam “ by Khalifa Abdul Hakim.
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