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24 I SPECIAL FEATURE Passion Islam I March 2010
A Comparative
Study of Ideologies
Islam inculcates government by in the following words: “When I am democracy that is a part and parcel
consultation. The Prophet almost sitting in your presence, my moral of Islam. Equality before law and
daily held consultations with his tone is exalted and high ideas and equality of opportunity are inculcated
companions on matters of the State. ideals pervade my consciousness: by Islam. But racial and national
The Qur’an mentions as one of the but when I am away. my moral level prejudices still vitiate the professions
good qualities of a Muslim that he is is suddenly lowered: how sorry I feel and practices of liberal democracy:
not autocratic or dictatorial but settles for myself.” Hearing this the Prophet from the point of view of Islam, it is
all matters of social Importance by replied. “You must not feel depressed not liberal enough; nor can Islam
consultation and dejected; you are a human being subscribe to its capitalistic structure
As the Muslim nation has received in and not an angel. If God had desired in which interest forms the backbone.
the Qur’an the designation ‘the nation to populate the world with beings Freedom of conscience and freedom
of the middle path,’ the nation follows without any moral conflict. He would of expression, along with freedom
the golden .mean in all extremes. have made the angels inhabit it: but of all . knowledge were inculcated
This is analogous to the Greek view He did not choose to do so: your and practised by Islam before the
of life whose motto was “nothing in moral compunction and this feeling of world dreamt of it. “There ought to
excess.” The doctrine of the golden rise and fall is a sign of faith.” Hearing be no compulsion in religion” (2-256)
mean forms the pivotal point also in this the man was reassured. is one of the basic principles of the
Aristotelian ethics. This characteristic We have delineated some of Qur’an. Western democracy accepts
of Islam runs through all its teaching the major programmes of human the Islamic injunction of the equality
and practice; the entire ethics of Islam uplift delineated by recent thinkers, of citizens in their civic rights, but
is practical ethics which made Renan reformers and leaders of nations. In Considers it necessary to divide the
remark that Islam is a religion for men. every one of those programmes there citizens in majorities and minorities and
It is not meant for angels. In every are certain elements that form parts deems it necessary to have opposition
injunction. actual human nature with of the Islamic ideology: but in all of parties whose chief aim is to oppose
all its instincts and urges is taken into them partial truths are exaggerated the government measures in almost
consideration. Instincts and emotions to the extent of becoming falsehood: everything: it is opposition for the sake
are the instruments of life: they and the fanatical emphasis on certain of opposition, with the set purpose of
are meant to be regulated and not parts with suppression of others, has discrediting and ultimately dislodging
suppressed. One of the companions made them fail while dealing with life the party in power. The Communists
of the Prophet expressed his regret as a whole. There is much in liberal and Fascists both repudiated this
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