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Passion Islam I August 2009 SPECIAL FEATURE I 25
them join mainstream Islamic as well According to latest surveys, there language.
as Ukrainian daily life. Most Muslims are 0.3 million Muslims in Ukraine.
have been trying to form a party to This makes them 0.65% of total Ukrainian translation of the Qur’an
have a united voice in Politics, a so- population. In Crimea the Ukrainian and Sunnah
called Muslim Congress, but so far Muslims make up to 12% of the A few attempts to render the
it has not been achieved. Muslims population. Holy Book of Islam into Ukrainian
have formed several charitable At least 30 Ukrainian Muslim were processed during the last
organizations helping both the Muslim communities work without official centuries. Since the first non-direct
and non-Muslim communities. These registration (there are nearly (source?) translation of Abranchak-
mainly include CAAR Foundation, Al- 360 registered communities or Lysynecki (Lviv, 1915), few partial
Bushra, and Life after Chornobyl. organizations). translations were published (Yarema
There is also the Interregional Others groups include Chechens Polotniuk - Vsesvit Journal, 1990),
Association of Public Organizations, or Caucasian immigrants or settlers, Valeriy Rybalkin (“Stylos”, 2002) and
Arraid which has often gained world as well as a few Afghans. Major Mykhaylo Yakubovych (Kyivska Rus
attention due to its dedication. languages are Tatar, Turkish and Journal, 2007). Among the large
Muslims in Ukraine have 391 Caucasian languages such as Sunnah corpus the only translation
communities, 372 ministers, 151 Chechen or Avar. of “Forthy hadeeth an-Nawawe”
mosques with 6 more mosques being But all communities speak Russian is known (Alexandria, 2006, by M.
built. and many also speak the Ukrainian Yakubovych).
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