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20 I SPECIAL CHARITY FEATURE Passion Islam I August 2009
The Meaning
of Ramadan
Fasting during Ramadan, the Muslims thus: “O Allah! Bless us during forgiven,” said Prophet Muhammad,
holy month, was ordained during Rajab and Sha’ban, and let us reach Sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam. “Anyone
the second year of Hijrah. Why not Ramadan (in good health).” who stands in prayers during its nights
earlier? In Makkah the economic During Ramadan the believers with purity of belief and expectation of
conditions of the Muslims were bad. get busy seeking Allah’s mercy, a reward, will have his previous sins
They were being persecuted. Often forgiveness, and protection from forgiven.” As other ahadith tell us, the
days would go by before they had Hellfire. This is the month for renewing rewards for good deeds are multiplied
anything to eat. It is easy to skip our commitment and re-establishing manifold during Ramadan.
meals if you don’t have any. Obviously our relationship with our Creator. It is Along with the possibility of a great
fasting would have been easier under the spring season for goodness and reward, there is the risk of a terrible
the circumstances. So why not then? virtues when righteousness blossoms loss. If we let any other month pass
The answer may be that Ramadan throughout the Muslim communities. by carelessly, we just lost a month. If
is not only about skipping meals. “If we combine all the blessings of the we do the same during Ramadan, we
While fasting is an integral and other eleven months, they would not have lost everything. The person who
paramount part of it, Ramadan offers add up to the blessings of Ramadan,” misses just one day’s fast without
a comprehensive program for our said the great scholar and reformer a legitimate reason, cannot really
spiritual overhaul. The entire program Shaikh Ahmed Farooqi (Mujaddad make up for it even if he were to fast
required the peace and security that Alif Thani). It offers every Muslim everyday for the rest of his life. And of
was offered by Madinah. an opportunity to strengthen his the three persons that Prophet, Sall-
Yes, Ramadan is the most Iman, purify his heart and soul, and Allahu alayhi wa sallam cursed, one
important month of the year. It is the to remove the evil effects of the sins is the unfortunate Muslim who finds
month that the believers await with committed by him. Ramadan in good health but does not
eagerness. At the beginning of Rajab Anyone who fasts during this use the opportunity to seek Allah’s
--- two full months before Ramadan -- month with purity of belief and with mercy.
- the Prophet Muhammad, Sall-Allahu expectation of a good reward (from his One who does not fast is obviously
alayhi wa sallam, used to supplicate Creator), will have his previous sins in this category, but so also is the
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