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Passion Islam I August 2009 ORLD NEWSW I 17
UN terror suspect list
has many flaws: official
Dozens of terrorism suspects remain
on a United Nations sanctions
list despite having likely died and
information on others is so scant as to
render their inclusion useless, a U.N.
ambassador said.
These flaws make it tough to
impose bans on people and companies
on the list linked to al-Qaeda and the
Taliban, even as new threats emerge
in countries like Somalia, said
Thomas Mayr-Harting, who chairs the
U.N. Security Council’s al-Qaeda and
Taliban Sanctions Committee.
Of 513 entries on the list which
includes 402 people and 111
companies, 38 people were reported
or believed to be dead, Mayr-Harting,
who is also Austria’s ambassador to
names off the list requires consensus The Security Council set up
the United Nations, told reporters.
among all members, which slows the the committee, made up of all 15
“It is not the purpose of the list
process, Mayr-Harting said. Relatives members, in 1999 to impose sanctions
to contain dead people,” he said,
of the dead cannot access assets on Taliban-controlled Afghanistan for
adding that as much as a third of the
that were frozen until the names are its support of al Qaeda leader Osama
list is basically useless because the
struck off, he added. bin Laden. The list now includes
information available is too sketchy
A resolution adopted last year has names of people and firms that have
for law enforcement officials to act
helped the committee make the list ties to the Taliban, al-Qaeda and its
more relevant to today’s threats. The leader Osama bin Laden.
“Either you improve credibility by
committee is reviewing the list case The threat posed by them has
improving the list or by taking the
by case and expects to weed out the grown dramatically since then but
names off,” he said.
irrelevant entries by the middle of next the sanctions list does not reflect the
UN But taking the dead people’s
year, Mayr-Harting said. changes, Mayr-Harting said.
US to investigate
CIA secret program
The House Intelligence Committee on June 23 and told the House and this secret program.
announced it will investigate whether Senate intelligence committees the House Representative Peter
the Central Intelligence Agency next day that former Vice President Hoekstra, the senior Republican on the
(CIA) broke the law by not informing Dick Cheney asked the CIA not to committee, criticized the investigation
Congress about a secret program to inform lawmakers about this secret as “partisan, political theater.” “At
assassinate Al-Qaeda leaders. CIA program, which reportedly no time will the Republicans of this
“I intend to make this investigation remained in the planning stages. committee agree to or take part in
fair and thorough, and it is my goal CIA Spokesman Paul Gimigliano congressional Democrats efforts to
that it will not become a distraction to said the agency shares the goal of tear down the CIA to provide cover
the men and women of the CIA,” said Congress and will work closely with for Speaker Pelosi,” said Hoekstra
Committee Chairman Representative the committee on its review. in a statement. House Speaker
Silvestre Reyes. House Representative Jan Nancy Pelosi recently accused the
CIA Director Leon Panetta Schakowsky will head an investigation CIA of misleading her about its harsh
cancelled this counterterrorism unit to explore the nature and details of interrogation program.
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