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Passion Islam I June 2009 CORRESPONDENCE I 27
emailbox - comments
Thank you for adding me, unexpected add on
but never the less a very good publication, read it
through found it very educating, could you please
send me the link next time so rather than the
whole file as I do have trouble opening it.
Maria Hasle
text & emails
Another great issue guys, read your magazine
Send your emails to
every month, get some marriage ads if its
possible, Salaam
Beautiful Salaat
For the last few issues have read some very
good editorials in your publications and very
interesting I think, you have really covered some
subjects which as a Muslim community do need
to tackle, do you know if any of the community
leaders are tackling it or just sitting around doing
nothing and being just talk shop, you should give
them your articles and tell them to wake up and
Sent in by Ahmed, Denmark
smell the coffee. Don’t give up Passion Islam
Keep going you do a great job.
My new Couch, you like
Good to see a publication that tackles some
interesting and controversial subject in your
featured articles, enjoy reading them each
month, please do more.
Sent in by Abdul Rashid
Only a life lived for
Just a quick email to tell you that, thank you for
others is a life worthwhile
sorting us the advert and at a very reasonable
Albert Einstein
price, we had a very good response, hope to
advertise with you again.
If you want to comment on anything within the
publication or write for us or just get involved with
Passion Islam email us on
North London
Excellent issue, great read once again, keep
me updated with the nasheed concert which is
planned as me and other friends would love to
get involved.
Ridwan, Dewsbury
Passion Islam Media
Now its even easy to contact us, see our contact
us form on our website
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