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14 I ORLD NEWSW Passion Islam I June 2009
Dubai unveils longest
The Emirati-designed ambulance
is bigger than a bus and is expected
to begin operations in three months,
ambulance in the world
he added.
When asked about the reason
for launching the world’s longest
Dubai already has the tallest office entry into the record book.
ambulance, Darri said that the
building, the tallest residential building “ The ambulance will be a mobile
U.A.E. has recently witnessed a
and the biggest aquarium in the world hospital that immediately goes to the
series of serious accidents, the most
and now has the longest ambulance accident scene and rescues a large
memorable of which was last year’s
to its list of records. number of the
crash on Abu Dhabi road involving
The world’s injured who will
more than 200 cars.
longest ambulance get treatment
“It was necessary to have an
is 18 meters (59 inside till they
ambulance that can take as many
feet) and can hold are transferred
patients as possible and offer them
up to 44 patients to the hospital “
immediate treatment. Thus, an Emirati
at the same time, Khalifa bin
team designed the ambulance and
according to Khalifa Darri, Dubai
sent the design to a German company
bin Darri, head of the A m b u l a n c e
to manufacture it,” he explained.
Dubai Ambulance Center The blue-
“This is a huge leap in the world
Center (DAC). and white stretch-
of ambulance services. It is not just
The Dubai a m b u l a n c e
a traditional ambulance that transfers
Ambulance Center said it intends to features a helicopter landing pad on
patients to the hospital, but it offers
contact the Guinness Book of World its roof as well as internet and satellite
full medical services at the scene. The
Records to register the ambulance facilities for the doctors. With state-of-
patient might not even need to go to
as the world’s longest. Guinness the-art operating rooms, an intensive
the hospital at all,” said Darri, adding
could not be reached for confirmation, care unit, a radiography room and an
that it was also more time- and cost-
though rumors circulated in local integrated pharmacy, the ambulance
effective than sending several small
internet forums about its immenent is more like a mobile hospital.
New US-Pakistan plan
for sharing drone data
Washington of missile attacks by CIA drones he said while testifying to the Senate
has given on al-Qaeda and Taliban militants Armed Services Committee on the
Pakistan data in the border areas while pressing 2010 defence budget.
on militants in Washington to provide it with such US defence officials disputed a
the Afghanistan vehicles to allow it to conduct its own Los Angeles Times report that said
border area anti-militant operations. Pakistan had exercised joint control
gathered by surveillance The United States conceived over US surveillance drones within its
drones in Pakistani airspace the missions as a way to extend airspace.
under an agreement with surveillance of safe havens from Mullen’s public comments
Islamabad, US officials said. which the militants threaten US and prompted Senator Carl Levin, the
Confirming the existence of NATO forces in Afghanistan. The Democratic chairman of the Senate
the program, which started in mid- militants have been extending panel, to criticise Islamabad for
March, US military officials said their threat to government control publicly condemning CIA missile
it allowed the Pakistani military to in Pakistan. strikes in the Federally Administered
request missions over specific areas US officials said they did not know Tribal Areas.
of the Federally Administered Tribal why Pakistan’s military had made no ‘I wish they’d tell their public about
Areas. recent requests for drone surveillance their support of our operations instead
Under the agreement, Pakistan missions, which had provided video of attacking us for them, because that
had requested a handful of missions and still images. is one of the things that just creates
over specific areas, the last of which ‘We don’t do any of this without propaganda fodder for the very people
was in mid-April, the officials said. their requests to assist and support who are out to destroy us and them,’
‘I wouldn’t call it deep penetration them in their operations,’ said Admiral Levin said.
into Pakistan. Flights were limited to the Mike Mullen, chairman of the US Joint US officials say that CIA missile
areas they had requested information Chiefs of Staff. strikes are carried out under an
on,’ said one military official speaking ‘They haven’t asked for any agreement with Islamabad that allows
on condition of anonymity. additional assistance along those Pakistan’s political leaders to decry
Islamabad has publicly complained lines over about the last 30 days,’ the attacks in public.
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