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18 I OPINION FEATURE Passion Islam I June 2009
MP Expenses Scandal
Politicians or
By Majed Iqbal
Independent Journalist
Democracy to blame?
“A democracy is nothing more than British Population at Government and masses and constituents.
mob rule, where fifty-one percent of Politicians across the board. The endless line up of accusations
the people may take away the rights Ratings for News channels must and betrayal of trust has drawn a
of the other forty-nine.” Thomas have soared as reality TV took a new huge gulf between Politicians and
Jefferson turn with each day unveiling who has the people. Can they be trusted?
Such descriptions of the mythical been caught in another expenses Especially with the entire farce that
‘god like’ concept of democracy could scandal. In fact Newspapers might has been just so difficult to swallow.
not be described more aptly and even be thinking of releasing an end Sir Gerald Kaufman Labour
with such significance than the times of the month top 30 ‘Lunacy Chart’ backbench MP for Manchester Gorton
British Politics is going through right that orders the most scandalous MP was accused of claiming his flat in a
now. expenses Issue in order with a prize posh block near London’s Regent’s
The last few weeks have been for the most ‘well behaved’. Park was “a slum” and putting in bills
a roller coaster ride for many MP’s As European Elections draw closer, for £38,834 of work on the kitchen and
in the whole Expenses debacle- a there is huge debate on the Role of bathroom. He also claimed £1,851 for
national laughing stock and growing Politicians and whether Politics is an antique rug, £8,865 for a luxury
signs of anger and frustration from the a Career or a responsibility to the TV and £1,262 for a gas bill that was
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