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Sorrento extends repair service to Nortel customers in North America

Sorrento Networks International has launched its Nortel equipment repair service in North America following international demand. This announcement will builds on the already successful repair service in Deeside, North Wales, and Belfast, provided by the telecoms repair and support company, Comtek, which acquired the intellectual property rights and trademarks of Sorrento Networks in 2014. Nortel was one of the top global manufacturers of telecom equipment before it ceased operations in 2009. Today there remains a vast installed base of Nortel equipment still in service, but out of warranty. Sorrento says its service enables customers to continue to utilise the equipment with confidence.

‘Extending the Nortel refurbishment service to North America addresses a major customer segment that until now has been left with few options but to rip and replace Nortel equipment,’ said Gene Norgard, vice president of Sorrento Networks. ‘As organisations see both the economic and environmental benefits of refurbishing and repairing telecoms equipment, we’re seeing major interest in this part of our business. Our parent company has offered this service with great success in Europe – so we’re excited to bring the Nortel service to its original home in North America.’ The Sorrento Networks’ service, which is based in Silicon Valley out of the Pleasanton, California facility, covers the complete range of Nortel manufactured products, including services for systems, individual line cards and system components. The comprehensive card repair and system test capabilities include chassis and standalone reference test systems and component-level repair services. Sorrento also provides used and refurbished hardware spares with 12 month warranty.

AFL increases maximum fibre count for CentraCore OPGW

Aerial cable specialist AFL has introduced a higher fibre count of up to 96 fibres for its CentraCore OPGW (optical ground wire) cable. This type of cable is designed to replace traditional static/shield/earth wires on overhead transmission lines and provide a communications pathway.

CentraCore OPGW features a gel-filled, laser- welded, hermetically-sealed stainless steel tube inside a central aluminium pipe to protect the optical fibres from crushing forces and electrical faults. In addition, a layer of aluminium-clad

34 FIBRE SYSTEMS Issue 9 • Autumn 2015

Coriant enhances network flexibility with CloudWave Optics

Optical transport vendor Coriant has announced CloudWave Optics, a versatile suite of software- programmable photonic layer technologies that brings a new level of flexibility, efficiency, and scalability to next-generation optical transmission networks. Coriant CloudWave Optics features best-in-class photonics, software-programmable line-side modulation, tunable spectral allocation, and channel frequency flexibility. Coriant recently showcased the capabilities of

the product in a pan-European Tier 1 carrier field trial. ‘Our 400G flexi-rate field trial with Coriant successfully demonstrated the real-world value that programmable modulation can play in advancing the state of optical layer flexibility and adaptability,’ said Mattias Fridström, vice president and head of technology, TeliaSonera International Carrier. Coriant says its flexi-rate optics provide flexible, multi-functional provisioning of service capacity with a single, compact and software-

Broadcom unveils 10G EPON cable residential gateway

Semiconductor vendor Broadcom has released a DOCSIS-compatible 10G EPON residential gateway reference design. Broadcom’s new design allows cable operators to provide multi-gigabit speeds for home subscribers’ high-speed video and Internet services via a fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network. The new integrated platform will enable cable operators to provide multi-gigabit speeds to their subscribers without expensive upgrades. The platform combines Broadcom’s BCM55030, a 10G/10G EPON optical network unit (ONU) system-on-a-chip (SoC), with the widely deployed BCM33843 DOCSIS 3.0 cable gateway device. Broadcom’s 10G EPON gateway adheres to the preliminary CableLabs DPoE 2.0 specification, which allows the PON gateway to look and function like a traditional DOCSIS gateway, allowing cable MSOs to

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programmable line side interface that can dynamically adapt to a wide range of distances and applications. The performance is based on a combination of flexi-rate and super-channel features with dynamically adjustable modulation formats (e.g. QPSK, 8QAM, 16QAM) and flexible bit rate transmission options (100G, 200G, 300G, 400G), providing capacity of up to 25.6Tb/s per fibre in meshed optical networks Designed for integration across Coriant’s portfolio of packet-optical transport platforms, including the Coriant hiT 7300 multi-haul transport platform and the Coriant mTera universal transport platform, among others, CloudWave-powered flexi- rate transmission enables network operators to achieve the highest degree of optical performance at the lowest cost per bit, the company claims. CloudWave Optics also provides increased spectral efficiency of up to 33 per cent, increased fibre capacity of up to 166 per cent, and reduced sparing requirements, according to Coriant.

merge new technologies with their existing systems. Built-in 10G symmetric EPON WAN technology supports multi-gigabit speeds, allowing multiple FTTH subscribers to achieve 1G symmetric performance simultaneously. ‘Operators are looking for the fastest and

most efficient means to provide subscribers with true gigabit internet speeds,’ said Jim McKeon, senior director of product marketing, Broadcom. ‘Our new residential gateway design enables cable MSOs to bridge a fibre network into their existing DOCSIS infrastructure without costly network re- design.’ The residential gateway reference design complies with the IEEE 802.3av 10G EPON standard including support for 10G/10G, 10G/1G and legacy 1G/1G EPON, and also supports Broadcom’s 2.5G TURBO-EPON. The product is available now.

steel and/or alloy wires are stranded around the central unit to provide superior protection against environmental stresses. As the fibre count within CentraCore increases

or decreases, the outer diameter remains constant, which allows an electric utility company to simplify and streamline its selection of hardware. Customers using 48-fiber or 72-fiber CentraCore OPGW can increase their fibre count to 96 fibres and may be able to maintain the same suspension hardware and accessories, eliminating inventory confusion while also saving time and money.

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