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Beth Harlen spoke with Mike Jones, MicroCare vice president international, and Scott Wells, business manager Europe, about the importance of cleaning in the fibre-optics industry

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to clean Mike Jones

MicroCare, a company specialising in aerosols to clean electronics. Founders Chris Jones and Peter Clapp soon cemented their position in the industry with the development of the patented TriggerGrip dispensing system, which reduced the environmental impact of printed circuit board cleaning while minimising both labour and cost. Having built a significant reputation within the


We have a unique cleaning fluid that can be taken straight through airport security

10 FIBRE SYSTEMS Issue 9 • Autumn 2015

electronics industry, MicroCare gradually diversified into four distinct business segments. Te focus on cleaning during the assembly and manufacturing of circuit boards remained unchanged, but MicroCare added expertise in cleaning medical devices and also a major emphasis on precision cleaning of delicate parts. Te fourth segment, launched in 2008, brought the company into the fibre-optics industry under the brand of Sticklers. ‘Beyond a doubt, the success of the Sticklers

product line has been phenomenal,’ said Mike Jones. ‘Our speciality is critical cleaning, so while some people in the fibre-optics industry may just

hirty years ago, two entrepreneurs — one a specialist in chemical distribution and the other an expert in aerosol packaging — joined forces to form

Scott Wells

see us as a new brand, behind that Sticklers logo are PhDs, a gaggle of chemical engineers and 50 years of critical cleaning expertise.’ ‘Cleaning fibre connectors is one of the most

critical applications we’ve ever seen at MicroCare. It’s really hard to do quickly, reliably and cost-effectively,’ added Wells. ‘To make it happen, we draw on our deep reservoir of technical skills. It’s not a case of taking one of our electronics cleaners and repackaging it for the fibre market.’

Mind over matter According to Wells, in the years since Sticklers was first launched, there has been a sea change in the fibre-optics market in relation to critical cleaning. ‘When Sticklers first began, the most common response we received was that cleaning simply wasn’t part of companies’ budgets. People said they didn’t need to clean, that they didn’t bother to clean, or that they just couldn’t afford to clean,’ he explained. ‘Gradually that mind-set has shiſted and today we have people lining up at our booth during exhibitions saying “I know I need to clean. Can you help me do it better, faster and less expensively?” Our answer is always “yes” and that’s where the Sticklers products really shine.’

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