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Formerly FibreSystems Europe Issue 09 • Autumn 2015 C 4

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Cover: Xtera

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News New York bid wins US photonics manufacturing competition l Sharks prefer a low-fibre diet l Orange

reaches record 38.4T transmission in the C-band l Fibre broadband boosts US home values

Profile: MicroCare Beth Harlen talks to Mike Jones and Scott Wells about critical cleaning of optical fibres

Feature: Soft optics, hard photons Geoff Bennett examines how software programmable modulation gives operators more scope for optimisation

Feature: Taking multimode fibre to new wavelengths New products support wavelength multiplexing over multimode fibre, as Robert Roe and Pauline Rigby report

Feature: A second life for old cables Redeployment of submarine cables can offer environmental and financial benefits, writes Bertrand Clesca

Feature: Redefining density Matthew Guinan looks at products that help operators cope with the increasing amounts of fibre in their networks

Feature: ROADMs move into the cloud Reconfigurable optical add drop multiplexers will bring efficiencies to data centre interconnect, argues Bill Kautz

Product Update A round-up of some of the latest new product announcememtns

Show Preview: ECOC 2015 A look ahead to who’s exhibiting and what’s on display in Valencia this September

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apacity and density are the themes running through this issue of Fibre Systems magazine. Tey represent two

of the most important considerations for developers and purchasers of optical networking equipment. Following several decades of innovation, advances in total system capacity and density are increasingly hard to come by, but that doesn’t mean progress has come to a standstill, as the articles in this issue will attest. On page 13 of this issue, Geoff Bennett looks

at the benefits of soſtware-defined optics, using programmable modulation schemes and baud rate combined with a flexible frequency grid to provide a new way to optimise optical system density without sacrificing capacity. Inside data centres, there’s a new worldview

as wavelength division multiplexing over multimode fibre makes its debut. Tis will allow data centre operators to boost interconnect capacity while keeping the fibre count low, as Robert Roe and Pauline Rigby explain on page 16. More intelligent use of capacity is the subject

of the article by Bill Kautz, who predicts the evolution of data centre interconnect networks from simple point-to-point links to flexible, programmable networks based on reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexers (page 29). Density rather than capacity is the new

headache as operators replace copper with fibre in the access network. Mathew Guinan discusses innovations that help operators manage the increasing amounts of fibre in their networks (page 25). Last but not least, in our cover story, which

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you’ll find on page 20, Bertrand Clesca looks at the economics and practicalities of recovering old submarine cables from the sea bed and then re-deploying them to connect remote island communities in the ocean. Usually retired from the busiest international routes where obsolete technology couldn’t keep up with capacity demands, these cables are just the ticket to help isolated islands stay in touch with the rest of the world. Enjoy the issue!

Pauline Rigby Editor, Fibre Systems

Issue 9 • Autumn 2015 FIBRE SYSTEMS 3 Foreword Capacity challenged

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