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2–7 p.m., Revel Downtown, 440 W. Randolph • Uncubed is an alumni-only career fair connect- ing job seekers to the world’s most exciting start-ups. Gain access to discussions with founders and CEOs followed by an “after party” reception with employers.

MON, 11.17


Work with a professional career coach to gain an edge in interviews, regardless of your location. Through Loyola’s partnership with the Career Transitions Center, alumni can take advantage of a 12-week virtual program, which includes one-on-one coaching via phone/Skype, web- based tools, and phone-based peer groups. • COST: $200 for alumni ($100 discount). REGISTER: Marcia McMahon at mmcmahon@

MON–FRI, 12.8–12.12


1 E. Pearson • Learn tools to effectively manage any project from initiation, planning, and con- trol to closeout. • REGISTER: executive-education

FRI, 1.16


1:30–5:30 p.m., 1032 N Sheridan Road, Damen Student Center

Led by Jody Michael, Master Certified Coach (MCC) and Board Certified Coach (BCC), identify the career path meant for you as she walks you through a career roadmap, alongside clear guidance on how to connect your talents with specific opportunities. • REGISTER: alumni/careerfit

Q+A Kathryn Jackson Career Development Center Director

What’s changing about the Career Devel- opment Center? • We have evolved from a generalist model of career advising into a “liaison” model of master’s-level counselors who each specialize in specific academic populations and corresponding employ- ers. This level of specialization allows our advising team to build rich relationships with alumni, employers, students, and faculty in order to become knowledgeable about each population’s interests and potential career options. Our advising model, in the spirit of the Jesuit tradition of educating the whole person, is an in-depth process of helping a student or alum not only solve their most pressing problems, but it also creates space for conversation about vocation, calling, and lifelong pathways.

How does the local economy affect Career Development Center services? • What is interesting about the local economy is that, while it is benefiting from the recovery of the Great Recession, it’s still a “who you know” town. In response, we have increased our employer relations activities and improved our networking channels. Also, local alumni engagement has become more critical.

It is clear to me that investment in alumni engagement is as important as employer engagement.

What advice would you give to someone who is unemployed and searching for a job? • Create a daily schedule and give yourself weekly deadlines, such as sending out 10 résumés and setting up three informational interviews. It is easy to become fatigued during a job search, so build in activities that help you monitor the quality of your job search cam- paign. For example, ask for help with proofing your job search documents or set up a mock interview in order to get some objective feedback. Allow yourself breaks and opportu- nities for reflection on topics besides your job search. Go to the local public library, take in a movie, or volunteer your services at your local food pantry. Nurturing yourself, as well as your resources, will serve you well.

What kind of role do alumni play in terms of engaging with Loyola students and new grads? • Alumni play a critical role for Loyola and new grads both as ambassadors of the in- stitution as well as a valued expertise resource. Alumni are concrete examples of where experi- ence can take people and how it impacts lives, which is why alumni are needed for special events such as panels, mentoring and network- ing programs, and in advisory positions—we need their perspective on life just as much as we like to receive their business cards.

What can you share about the CDC’s plans? • We’ll also partner more with other career- focused campus offices, and we hope to be making an announcement about a new student and alumni initiative that we believe will be well received. So, stay tuned!

Alumni: Looking for career advice?

• Online: • E-mail: • Phone: 773.508.7716 • LinkedIn: • Twitter: @luccareer


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