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IT’S… A new, reduced-size version of the Techconnect HDBaseT product.

DETAILS: Vision has revamped its Techconnect HDBaseT transmitter/receiver pair, which are now much smaller

and thinner (15mm). All cables exit from one side, making cable routing easier. The new product sends HDMI and power over a Cat6 cable up to 70m long. It features PoE so only one power supply is required for the set.

AND ALSO: The simplifi ed feature set of the new version has helped to drive the suggested sales price down by more than 25%.




IT’S… A signal processor for projector edge blending, warping and stacking.

DETAILS: The GB-200 is the fi rst product in the Chameleon signal processing range – which is designed to support Optoma’s ProScene projector range and provide greater control and fl exibility for ambitious projects. Targeted at museum installations, tourism attractions and exhibitions, the Chameleon GB-200 allows the overlapped edges of two or more projectors to be merged to create one seamless image. The dual-channel product

can serve two projectors. Black level uplift and

multi-region colour correction simplify the matching of multiple projector images. There is sub-pixel control of image alignment, and up to 289 individual points of adjustment on each image, enabling use with fl at and curved projection surfaces. The GB-200 generates a single high-resolution output (around 3600 x 1080 pixels). This is fed to both channels of the processor via an HDMI splitter. The correct part of the screen is sent to each projector and the GB-200

processor blends and warps the content to form a single bright high-resolution image.

AND ALSO: The Chameleon GB-200 can be automated using a camera and the Optoma auto-blending tool, a trial version of which is included with the processor.



IT’S… Three ranges of components for the SYSBOXX range of modular housing systems.

DETAILS: Sommer Cable has extended the range of components in its SYSBOXX family of modular housings for 19in racks, wall or fl oor mounting. The SYSBOARD18 wall housing allows classic junction boxes to be fi tted with SYSBOXX components. Due to the mounting plane being recessed by 100mm, a multipin connector may remain plugged in, even with the door closed. An opening in the bottom of the housing allows either a cable lead-through brush or a sheet steel cover plate (both supplied) to be installed. The door has a square head lock (key supplied), which may be optionally exchanged for a locking cylinder. The SYSBOARD18 can be


IT’S… A 3D-ready 13,000-lumen brightness projector.

DETAILS: The CP-WU13K projector off ers 13,000 lumens brightness and is designed for use in large auditoriums, broadcast applications, conference rooms, museums, and concert or stage productions.

The unit is 3D-ready, incorporates four digital inputs, plus a high-

44 May 2014

performance fi lter to stop dust sticking to critical components. For even greater image quality, the CP-WU13K features three-chip DLP technology and is equipped with 3G SDI.

The CP-WU13K off ers

DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) Simulation Mode, which projects greyscale images to approximate DICOM Part 14 specifi cations.

AND ALSO: The CP-WU13K features motorised zoom, focus and lens shift control allow for a greater range of installation possibilities, enabling users to make fi ne adjustments via remote control or an RS-232/IP device.



surface-mounted or, using the supplied mounting brackets, fl ush-mounted in two positions. Inside it can accommodate enough SYSBOXX frontpanels to hold up to 48 XLR type Ds. With the door closed and the base plate installed, IP44 protection class is achieved. The 19in 1 RU SYSPANEL

and SYSPANEL5 frames allow patchbays, device connector panels, connection routers or transfer points, for instance in control or equipment rooms, to be set up quickly and easily. The SYSPANEL can be fi tted with up to four standard PCB modules, whereas the SYSPANEL5 can take up to fi ve SYSBOXX front panels. The housings possess 28 metal tongues for cable ties to relieve strain on the supply cables. The PCB modules are available as 4-channel boards with either 3- or 5-pole XLR or EtherCON RJ45 connectors respectively.

The rugged SYSFLOOR all-

metal installation frames allow the integration of connections from audio/video/media equipment as well as building wiring. It is available in three sizes, SYSFLOOR-03, -04 and -06. The latter allows the integration of heavy multipin connectors without having to

worry about the mechanical strain.

AND ALSO: Standard colours are RAL 7035 (light grey) and RAL 7016 (charcoal grey).

Other common RAL colours available for an extra charge.


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