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Our selection of the latest products for the installation market


IT’S… Baldwin Boxall’s latest voice alarm system.

DETAILS: VIGIL3 has an Ethernet backbone network which can carry up to 48 simultaneous audio channels, either via a dedicated network or fibre. Messages, inputs and outputs can be added with IP interfacing as standard. Instead of using traditional routers, the system uses an Ethernet module to control up to 16 amplifiers, as well as providing system functionality,


IT’S… A Full HD, three-chip DLP projector.

DETAILS: The PT-DZ16K features low power

consumption and has a long lamp replacement cycle of up to 3,000 hours and an up to 12,000 hours maintenance-free eco filter. The compact projectors offer built-in edge blending and colour matching function as well as multi-unit brightness control for projections on to wide screens and surfaces, creating an immersive experience.

Basic installation flexibility is supported by an optional lens selection that supports a wide range of throw

distances. In addition, 360º projections are also possible, allowing displays on both.

AND ALSO: The PT-DZ16K series can be remotely monitored and operated using Panasonic ET-SWA100 multi- projector monitoring and control software.

AVAILABLE: Now visual-system


IT’S… A series of wall boxes for power, audio and video cables.

networking, messaging and EQ. Larger systems can be created by simply connecting more Ethernet modules. The system can be configured

from any node on the network, or remotely via the Ethernet port using a PC or smart device. Three different amplifiers

are available – 2 x 150W, 4 x 150W and 2 x 300W – giving up to 12 150W amplifiers in 2U of rack space. These are smaller and weigh 66% less than corresponding units in the VIGIL2 system – and battery

size has also been reduced.

AND ALSO: The sleep facility operates when the system is on mains power, rather than just when running on batteries. This, combined with the absence of 100V line transformers, makes the VIGIL3 more energy efficient than its predecessor.

AVAILABLE: Mid-2015 approx (depending on certification)


IT’S… Two dynamic white light LED fixtures.

DETAILS: The DW Fresnel (pictured) features a 19°-72° manual zoom and is capable of varying colour temperature from 3,200K to 7,000K with a CRI of over 90. Rotating barn doors allow for customised shaping of the beam and a frost filter softens the light further when needed. Although output is up to 8,700 lumens, a thermo-optical cooling system keeps the luminaire cool and virtually silent. Colour temperature and full range dimming can be manually or DMX controlled and max power consumption is 320W.

The DW Profile features a 17°-27° manual zoom and is capable of varying colour

temperature from 3,000K to 6,200K. It includes a four- blade manual framing system that allows for full control of the beam shape and supports B-size glass, metal, or HT transparency glass gobos for custom gobo projections. Strobe and full range dimming is either manual or DMX controllable and a selection of variable dimming curves is provided. Output is up to 8,400 lumens with a max power consumption of only 300W.

AND ALSO: A host of features come as standard with both units. This includes DMX control, three- and five-pin XLR and powerCON in/out connections, and an auto-sensing power supply

that allows the fixtures to operate anywhere in the world.


INSTALLATION CONNECTION BOX The rugged boxes are built

DETAILS: Designed for applications including including theatres, concert halls and conference centres, Klotz Installation Connection Boxes (ICB) are available in five different frame sizes, and are supplied as standard without front panels.

42 May 2014

from 2mm sheet metal, and allow connections from five sides. They have recesses for mounting a wide variety of face plates. Top and bottom plates with standard holes for strain relief elements can be fitted to insert connection cables. Low-voltage and high-

voltage components can be combined in a single box, as a

dividing plate in the units physically separates the two areas.

AND ALSO: Two threaded bolts on the inside serve both as earth terminals and for installing components, such as top-hat rails.

AVAILABLE: This month


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