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Pistol Update

Brown, Paterson and Sanderson Shine; Milev Wins Gold, Szarenski Retires

In 2013, we had several key matches to include three World Cups and the World Cup Finals in Munich in November. Focus this year was on Emerging Elite athlete development to get them up to world-level performance and be on track for 2016. World Cup in Granada, Spain was our test competition in preparation for the next year’s World Cham- pionships, which is going to be held there in September 2014. We wanted to give our young talents all the opportunities to improve their competitive skills by competing with the world’s best. Will Brown (Twin Falls, Idaho) successfully used this year to step up his performance and had a very successful year by winning medals and making fi nals internationally. In addition to his Bavarian Airgun bronze, Brown won his fi rst World Cup gold medal at Fort Benning, Ga. and made a fi nal in a very pres- tigious Munich World Cup. As a result, he qualifi ed for the World Cup Finals, which only the best 10 athletes in the world get to compete. Brown fi nished fi fth in this match.

Our Junior Development pro-

gram also needed some initia- tives to improve the program depth and feed our National Junior Team. We developed some new strategies in working with juniors. In addition to tradi- tional Olympic Training Center- centralized camps, our assistant national coaches were traveling to key junior clubs to help local coaches work on their programs


Hawaii) had a good competi- tive season as well. Sanderson made the fi nals in two of three World Cups he participated in and qualifi ed for the World Cup Finals. He has undergone a com- plex surgery on his shooting arm and is in recovery period now. We wish Sanderson quick healing and look forward to seeing him competing at full strength. Milev won a bronze medal in

as well as sending top juniors to skill-focused mini camps. We sent the biggest junior team ever to an annual international junior match in the Czech Republic as well as three national assistant coaches to provide the interna- tional exposure and experience. Lydia Paterson (Kansas City, Kan., pictured) was our fi nalist in this match. This is a great step for Paterson on the Olympic path. She also won silver in the Open category at National Champion- ships and made her fi rst World Cup team at age 16. Congratu- lations to Paterson and her per- sonal coach, Cody Owsley. Our juniors still need more competition on the international level, which remains a challenge for us, as the majority of the competitions are over in Europe and very expensive and lengthy to attend. Steve Faught, Eric Pu- eppke,

Vladimir Chichkov, Russ

Doucette and In Kim, our national assistant coaches, were a huge help in increasing training op- portunities in the junior program.

16 USA Shooting News | Year in Review 2013 As you may have heard, ISSF

Finals format changed dramati- cally this year, increasing the number of shots in the fi nals as well as starting from zero. We had to address this in our training to develop new training strategies and adapt to the head-to-head competition.

An international

training camp at the OTC this October was a key testing event in developing and trying new drills for the future fi nals train- ing. This camp featured some of the best athletes in the world in all events, including Damir Mikec (SRB) and Andrija Zlatic (SRB) in men’s slow fi re events, Christian Reits (GER) in Rapid Fire Pistol and Olena Kostevych (UKR) in women’s events. Over two weeks, we were competing in various head-to-head drills and small tournaments.

This camp gave

us a very good idea of what we need to be doing in training for the new fi nals and how to incor- porate it in the training process. Emil Milev (Temple Terrace, Fla.) and Keith Sanderson (Kailua,

Granada World Cup and fi nished his competition season by win- ning a gold medal in the World Cup Finals with an outstanding performance in the Finals - just one point below a World Record. Milev and his personal coach Chichkov are defi nitely on the right path towards next year’s competition season. We also lost one of our best athletes to a retirement.


time Olympian, Daryl Szarenski (Seale, Ala.) retired and will no longer compete internationally. I want to thank Szarenski for all the contribution to the pistol team’s glory and hope that he will stay with shooting. I’m look- ing forward to working with him on improving our pistol program in the future.

2014 will be an intense com- petition season. It will also be Olympic quota season and quota distribution at World Champion- ships and CAT. Defi nitely winning Olympic quotas will be a major focus for the upcoming year, but we will still continue working with assistant national coaches in our efforts to keep improving our ju- nior program.

Photo by: Dawn Faught

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