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New MD to focus on business growth for UK and Ireland


ndustrial automation and control systems specialist Yokogawa UK Ltd has appointed Simon Rogers as the company's new Managing Director. In his new role, Rogers will extend the company's focus on process control and safety systems success in the oil and gas sector through an enhanced Aberdeen presence. Furthermore, Rogers will further develop business in the chemicals industry and continue the recent order growth in Yokogawa’s world class field instrumentation, whilst also providing the engineering and life cycle support services essential to our customers. “I am proud to have joined Yokogawa, a company with a global reputation for leading edge industrial automation technology and warm-hearted staff," Rogers said. "I am excited by the challenge of building on Yokogawa’s success in a wide variety of industries including oil, gas,

power and help maintain

chemical, pharmaceutical and Yokogawa’s close

relationships with engineering companies and original equipment manufacturers. I am also looking forward to helping maximise the contribution to the UK and Ireland of Yokogawa’s broad-ranging activities in the areas of measurement, control, and information," he concluded.

Yokogawa United Kingdom Ltd Tel: 01928 597100 Web:

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ScanIR®3 Infrared Linescanners and Thermal Imaging System

rcon®, the brand of choice for rugged, dependable, IR sensors used in harsh, high temperature environments, has introduced the ScanIR®3 infrared linescanners and thermal imaging system. The ScanIR3 Series includes a choice of eight models that provide accurate, real- time thermal imaging in a wide variety of industrial applications, including continuous sheet and web-based processes, as well as discrete manufacturing. Combined with Ircon ScanView™ Pro software, the ScanIR3 scanner is designed for reliability and continuous operation in harsh industrial environments.


pirax Sarco has launched the industry’s most comprehensive range of desuperheaters for precise control and efficient heat transfer when cooling superheated steam.

S Featuring a high Its robust housing

incorporates standard water-cooling and air purge, and also features built-in laser sighting. A rugged processor box provides universal input and output (I/O) capabilities in the field without the need for an external computer. The ScanIR3 linescanner has one of the fastest scan speeds in the industry and offers complete data about even the highest-speed manufacturing processes. Unlike point sensors that measure a single point, the linescanner measures multiple temperature points across a scan line. Its motorized mirror scans at rates up to 150 lines per second, allowing rapid detection of temperature non-uniformities and hot spots. Rotating optics collect infrared radiation at 1024 points within a 90-degree field of view, and industry-leading optical resolution (up to 200:1) enables detection of smaller temperature anomalies. A two-dimensional image

Process & Control NOVEMBER 2013

is formed as the material moves across the linescanner’s field-of-view. The ScanIR3 system is exceptionally easy to deploy and manage: a single bundled sensing head cable with a one-click connector to the scanner allows for fast and trouble-free installation. The unit’s processor box supports various industry interfaces, including Ethernet, fiber optics (optional), and analog/digital I/O.

Raytek GmbH

Tel: +49 (0)30 47 80 08 411 Web:

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turndown of up to 50:1, the desuperheaters are suitable for a wide range of applications and increase process efficiency by allowing waste and residual heat to be recovered and recycled. They also protect process plant from damage caused by overheating. Manufactured at Spirax Sarco’s UK factory, the desuperheaters are supplied as ready-to- install engineered systems, fully assembled with all the required valves, pumps, steam traps, controls and other ancillary equipment, saving installation time and project costs. Each desuperheater is tailored to the application for the highest efficiency in a wide range of industries, including food and beverage, chemical,

pharmaceutical, processing, power

generation and oil and petrochemicals. The range comprises of four designs, including two spray types, a venturi and a steam atomising desuperheater, which can be installed vertically or horizontally to suit the application.

Spirax Sarco Tel: 01242 521361 Web:

enter 804 31 Palintest Ltd


Labcal Pro laboratory standard, precision digital thermometer / logger

and B.

There are four input ports, two for thermocouples and two for 3 or 4 wire Pt100 sensors; the instrument automatically recognises 3 or 4 wire configurations. Individual calibrated sensors can have up to 10 appropriate calibration values programmed into the Labcal PRO. The instrument then digitally self-calibrates to the associated probe over the range embraced in the calibrated values used; the temperature readout is “corrected” accordingly. A SMART PROBE facility accepts a calibrated Pt100 sensor which carries its own calibration values within the probe. A flash drive USB port is provided to allow data to be stored and/or exported. Firmware updates are also facilitated via this port. The PC software which is supplied with the Labcal PRO allows remote control, measure and logging. Serial interface with the PC is via a USB connection.

T Labfacility Ltd Bognor Regis Tel: 01243 871280 Email: Web:

Sheffield Tel: 01909 569446 enter 801

Portable Photometer 8000 Field Kit for On-Site Water Testing

surface water and process water markets.The kit brings together a portable multiparameter photometer and all required accessories to conveniently and accurately test in almost any application environment.Equally suitable for use in the lab or in the field, it successfully and economically answers the call for a single water technician's kit that is suitable for virtually any situation and set of test parameter. Included within the kit's sturdy IP67 case are cuvettes, sample preparation apparatus and interface cables to allow USB or RS232 connection of the Photometer 8000.


Transport containers within the case allow users to carry any of the range of tablet or liquid reagents used for determination of species such as ammonia, nitrate, heavy metals and chlorine.

Tel: 0191 491 0808 Web: enter 802

he new, upgraded Photometer 8000 Field Kit from Palintest has now been launched for use in the drinking water, wastewater,

he Labcal PRO from Labfacility is fully characterised for Pt100 sensors and all major thermocouples J,K,N,T,E,R,S

High turndown, plug-and-play desuperheaters

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