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For pressure safety in the pipeline, trust ARI

Excess pressure in process applications can be disastrous which is why safety valves are essential, not only to plant and process efficiency, but also to protect personnel, property and the environment. ARI-Armaturen’s ARI-SAFE range of spring loaded safety valves provides the highest level of protection whilst affording optimum reliability and operational efficiency

afety has always been of para- mount importance to ARI- Armaturen, who have been designing and manufacturing a wide range of specialist valves and process equipment for well over half a century. A safety valve is designed to open and relieve excess pressure and to reclose and prevent further release of steam or liquid once normal condi- tions have been restored, and the ARI- SAFE range of spring loaded safety valves provides the highest level of protection whilst affording optimum reliability and operational efficiency. Customer benefits include:

S Improved efficiency

The seat and inner parts of the ARI- SAFE FN range are constructed from CrNi and a two-piece stem assures optimal guiding of the plug on the seat for robust sealing and added safety for plant and personnel. Better flow char- acteristics are achieved due to con- touring of the flow area with precision guided disc and spindle, and set pres- sure is reliably held by vented spring even at high temperatures through the open bonnet design. Balanced piston and protection rim are standard for stainless steel bellows ensuring mini- mum emissions.

Better economy

Increased service life is achieved due to hardened disc, KTL coated springs and protection against crevice corrosion

New introduction to the range There are over 35,000 variations in the ARI-SAFE range and one of the latest introductions is the new ARI-SAFE- FN ANSI full nozzle safety relief valve which provides accurate response up to 6000 psi (414 bar) and is ideal for high pressure applications in the oil & gas industries. As well as VdTUV and ASME approvals, the SAFE FN ANSI valve is manufactured according to API 526 (American Petroleum Institute), an internationally recog- nized design standard which allows globally operating companies to use one unique design code with set stan- dards for dimensions, pressure-tem-

Process & Control NOVEMBER 2013

Accurately centred nozzle assures pre- cise repeatability of the set pressure

perature rating, maximum set pressure and body materials.

Full nozzles are usually incorpo- rated into safety valves designed for process and high-pressure applica- tions and the accurately centred nozzle in the ARI-SAFE-FN ANSI assures precise repeatability of the set pressure. Optimal guiding of the plug on the seat (two-piece stem) provides high reliability of set pressure. Suitable for a broad spectrum of applications due to the standardized O- ring soft sealing plug, the ARI-SAFE-FN ANSI will deliver reliable, safe perfor- mance and a long service life. ARI-Armaturen’s pre-eminence in the demanding field of process control has been achieved through an ongoing commitment to research and develop- ment, providing new generations of equipment to meet the complex demands of industry today. ARI’s modern development methods, including its own in-house state-of- the-art experimental laboratories and testing facilities, together with their high precision manufacturing tech- niques ensure optimum performance from every ARI product.

Two-piece stem assures optimal guiding of the plug on the seat (left)

ARI-Armaturen T: 01684 275752

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(nozzle thread close to the seat). In addition, the ARI-SAFE FN range pro- vides easier handling and servicing due to removable lift aid at the disc and reversible plug meaning that the sealing surfaces can be used on both sides.

Peace of mind

All ARI-SAFE FN products are accred- ited with a host of safety standards and approvals including VdTUV and ASME-certification of National Board (USA).

The ARI-SAFE FN ANSI is the latest introduc- tion to

the range

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