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Focus Water & waste treatment Robust motors for irrigation project

Problem: Two years of general drought in Turkey has increased the deprivation of the country’s poorest population, but thankfully, funding for the Suruç Plain Irrigation project aims to provide drinking water and water for crop irrigation to Suruç City. Work on the irriga- tion canal began in March 2009. It is currently in the excavation phase and is expected to be completed by the end of the year. The project needed robust pumps and equipment to move water from the Atatürk dam in the Euphrates river to the irriga- tion canal. Solution: WEG has supplied eight medium voltage asyn-

chronous motors, to drive the pumps that transport the water to the irrigation canal. Each motor is four metres tall and weighs 34 tons. The motors were supplied by WEG distrib- utor Dal-Group. WEG Electric Motors T: 01527 513800

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Detecting debris improves monitoring Problem: Wastewater treatment efficiency is often measured by the analysis of treated water, which is continually extracted from the final effluent or treated sewage efflu- ent, and passed through a flow-cell containing sensors. The readings from these sensors demon- strate that wastewater treatment has been effective. In order to prevent accumulation of debris in the flow- cell, the sample stream often passes through an inline filter/strainer . However, these filters can become blocked, which affects the

quality of the monitoring. Because accumulation of debris is unpredictable, routine mainte- nance cannot guarantee a free-

turbidity and temperature. Intellitect Water T: 01794 834280 Servicing achieves operational certainty

Problem: Southern Water wanted to upgrade the provision for the service and planned maintenance of its Hydro SludgeScreen primary sludge screening and dewatering units. Solution: Having outsourced its service requirements to Hydro since 2008, Southern Water, along with Hydro, took the opportunity to review servicing, placing greater emphasis on operating efficiency and through-life value of plant and equipment in line with AMP6. As a result, a new five year contact has been agreed. Bob Phillips, principal legislation engineer (assets) for Southern Water, said:

“Working with Hydro, we were able to agree a plan which considered the total tasks, the scheduled maintenance visits and how critical procedures should be divided between the in-house team and Hydro’s service provision. The maintenance provided under the contract has been fully integrated with the important maintenance completed by Southern Water’s own staff. This provides a total care package that takes advantage of the available skilled resources to deliver efficiencies.” Hydro International T: 01353 645700

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flowing filter. Solution: Maintenance work effi- ciency is improved by the use of Intellisonde monitors from Intellitect Water, which mea- sure water quality, and also flow. The flow reading can be used to detect the accumulation of debris, which allows service engineers to prioritise/schedule maintenance visits more efficiently. The Intellisonde FE (Final Effluent) monitor provides continuous, long term, accurate moni- toring of dissolved oxygen, conductivity, pH, ORP, ammonium,

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