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Problems & solutions Pumps Dealing with effluent waste

Problem: Semiconductors are an essential component in a range of products, including computers, consumer electronics and gen- eral appliances. Waste acids and alkalis are among the unavoid- able by-products generated during the manufacturing process and these liquids require treatment prior to them being discharged from the manufactur- ing site in order to comply with emissions laws and regulations. Previously, mechanically sealed centrifugal pumps were being used to transfer the efflu- ent waste into a treatment system. However, regular prob- lems were occurring with seal

leakages resulting in excessive down-time, regular and expen- sive repair bills, along with the associated clean-up costs from the spillages. Solution: M Pumps magnetically coupled centrifugal model C MAG-P100 in PVDF, available from Michael Smith Engineers, was selected by General Waters UK, the filtration and water purification company assisting the semiconductor manufacturer in meeting their effluent targets. The combination of the mag- netically coupled design and PVDF pump head ensures corro- sion resistance and effective con- tainment of the waste acids and

alkalis. There are no seals to fail, so leak-free pumping is assured and consequently the manufac- turing plant benefits from reduced chemical and environ- mental hazards. The extended pump operation between servic- ing also means reduced down- time and the associated benefits. Michael Smith Engineers T: 0800 316 7891

Enter 218 Peristaltic pumps offer a smart way to dose liquid lime

Problem:Neutralac SLS45 high strength liquid lime from Lhoist is said to be safer to use than caustic soda and other alkali alternatives, with equal or better performance. The company how- ever required a way of taking it to customer plants to provide deliv- ery and analysis equipment on site. As a result, a lightweight, yet robust pumping solution was required. Solution: The delivery technol- ogy Lhoist has chosen is a Watson Marlow 720UN/RE high flow dosing/metering pump. Six have been acquired since the pro- ject commenced in 2012. The service and technology offered by Lhoist means that a company such as a metal finish- ing plant, for example, where strong acids are used to etch

lime suspension is fairly thick and the pumps are often sited outdoors. However, the Watson- Marlow 720UN/RE is a work of art – it’s tremendously flexible yet extremely robust and reliable. In addition, they are easy to hook up with pH controllers – either our own meters or those used by the end user.”

metals prior to plating, can now process its effluent stream easily and cost effectively. Lhoist will arrive on site with a ready-to-go system comprising Neutralac, pH control and delivery equipment, essentially supplying a small, pilot-scale effluent dosing plant. “We selected a peristaltic unit because they offer the easiest and best way to pump slurry around,” said Derek Thompson, product manager. “Neutralac

The 720UN/RE is used to pump Neutralac from storage vessels into effluent treatment plants for pH control. Flow rates vary from 10 to 1500l/h, which is controlled via a 4-20mA signal from a pH meter. According to Thompson, the performance of the system means there isn’t much that can compete. Watson-Marlow Pumps Group T: 01326 370370

Enter 219

Efficient pumping of vegetable slurry avoids blockages Problem: AB Produce supplies a range of potatoes and prepared vegetable to cus- tomers in the food wholesale, retail, cater- ing and processing sectors. The company had previously used a system of screw augers, steel collection bins, macerators and pumps to collect and process veg- etable peelings before transferring them on to an on-site treatment plant. “However we were having problems with this,” com- ments AB Produce spokesman Carl Woolrich. “The physical location of the sys- tem, only a little way off the floor, meant that there was very little head of waste forc- ing its way into the macerators. The system was basically relying on the original pumps below to draw the waste slurry down into the macerators and this was resulting in blockages.”

Solution: “When we began looking for an alternative solution, we realized that the Mono EZstrip cake pump offered some very attractive advantages. Mono could provide the pump with a modified inlet blending flange and auger which helps convey the vegetable waste product into the pump. This greatly increased the flow of slurry through the macerators and into the pump. “The first unit we tested performed


Nov Mono T: 0161 339 9000 12 Reduced downtime

Problem: Anglian Water wanted to make a reduction in maintenance/ser- vicing downtime at its Whitlingham Water Recycling Centre near Norwich. Solution: Four Borger Pumps has helped the water company make such savings. Pumping warm sludge (40˚C) 24/7, the MIP (Maintenance-In-Place) feature of Borger’s pumps has improved servicing, as Anglian Water’s Andy Pope explained: “Before this installation, removal of a pump for repair or service would mean at least a day off-line.” He continued: “Rebuilding the old pumps or just servicing them was always a difficult task because they are awkward, heavy and located in very tricky place. However, the Borger pumps have made maintenance far more effi- cient. And in what is a harsh environ- ment, they are also proving extremely reliable in pumping the sludge.” The Borger PL 200 pumps are com- pact in size thanks to reduced foot-print helical drive upright 5.5Kw drives and special Motor Mounted Inverters. Börger Pumps T: 01902 798977

Enter 220

Good neighbours

Problem: Grocontinental, an international storage and distrib- ution company, required a pumping station for its new 4000m2

warehouse in

extremely well and had a capacity of 4- 5m3

/h. It allowed us to replace the previous

auger, bin and pump combination with a single, compact alternative. The Mono pumps operate very well indeed and we’ve been happy to order more to help eliminate the problems that we had previously.” The Mono EZstrip cake pump has been designed to reduce the time required for maintenance work, helping to ensure maxi- mum availability. Each of the pumps sup- plied to AB Produce features a widethroat hopper and a modified inlet blending flange, to ensure efficient collection and pumping of the vegetable slurry at a rate of 4-5m3

Enter 221

Shropshire. Solution: Landia has worked in close conjunction with Chalcroft Construction, who carried out the pumping station installation as part of the warehouse con- struction. Landia has supplied a pumping station that will handle wastewater and yard run-off at the Whitchurch site.

David Grocott, joint managing director at Grocontinental, said: “Chalcroft Construction has proved to be a proactive, reliable long term partner – and we are also very pleased to be working with our close neighbours Landia who are an equally reputable and quality-conscious company.” Landia T: 01948 661200

Enter 222 NOVEMBER 2013 Process & Control

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