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PBA Xtra There is a lot of pride in those words.

But if Daugherty’s detractors are looking for some sign of vulnerability amid the bluster, they do not need to work too hard to fi nd it. Says Daugherty on a miserable PBA

Tour season in 2005-06 after winning an exemption at the 2005 PBA Tour Trials: “The biggest thing I learned was I wasn’t very good.” Says Daugherty on the pain his tele-

vised 100 game at the 2011 Tournament of Champions caused his family, includ- ing a seven-year-old niece: “My seven- year-old niece went to a birthday party and some girl shot 105, and they said ‘Hey, look! You beat your uncle Tom.’ They had to answer stuff like that.” But Daugherty’s comeback at

the 2013 Bowlers Journal Scorpion Championship equipped that seven- year-old niece with a comeback of her own. Now she, and her uncle Tom, get to say what Daugherty told the PBA’s Kimberly Pressler after winning: “I’m still the guy that shot 100. But now, I’m the guy that shot 100, and a PBA titlist.” Purists who favor the straighter

In mettle contention: After rebounding from a miserable season and his famous 100, Daugherty is proving to be a formidable opponent.

games of yesterday’s stars over the revved-up games of today’s power players no longer can dismiss Daugherty as a guy who only knows how to hook the ball. That was an easy criticism to make after he shot 100 on TV. Not anymore. Daugherty converted the 3-6-9-10

in the opening frame of the Bowlers Journal Scorpion Championship show against Jason Sterner, the same


competitor he defeated for his PBA South Region Players Invitational title on August 4, and later converted the 1-2-4- 10 washout in the same match. He then converted the 4-10 split in his semifi nal match against Jason Belmonte, and the 1-2-4-6-10 in the title match against Osku Palermaa. Simply put, the man put on a clinic. At the PBA South Region RPI event,

he again converted the 3-6-9-10 at a crucial moment in the latter stages of the tournament en route to victory, claiming the $6,000 top prize, a free entry into the World Series of Bowling, and a spot on the upcoming PBA RPI Finals telecast on ESPN. Daugherty’s immaculate spare game

is perhaps the only reason he rose to the top of the brutal scoring environment that dominated that RPI, where only the top 16 players in a 48-player fi eld full of the region’s top bowlers averaged greater than 200 in qualifying. In this month’s installment of PBA

Xtra, the PBA Tour titlist and South Region RPI champion shares his tips for players at all spectrums of competitive ability, from those aspiring to bowl the PBA Tour to local bowlers just looking to make their mark in a nearby league or tournament. Daugherty may be polarizing, but

those who wish he would swallow some pride may be wise to swallow enough of their own to listen to his advice. After all, even his most intractable critics now have to admit that he is much more than just the guy who shot 100 on TV.

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September 2013

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