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naments,” Daugherty says. “If you make spares at a local tournament, you will never be out of that tournament, and I personally guarantee that. You can throw as many strikes as you want, but you’ll see at a local level that the spare game is suff ering big time. So make your spares and you’ll be in the hunt at the end of the tournament.”

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KNOW YOUR EQUIPMENT “Learn your equipment and learn about the equip- ment out there,” Daugherty advises. “Learn what it

does for you, because having the right ball in your hand is al- most as important as the talent it takes to throw it. I fi rmly be- lieve that. So make sure you have the right ball in your hand at all times.”


BE YOURSELF AT CITY AND STATE TOURNAMENTS “Don’t get caught up in that it’s a city tournament

once a year, or it’s a state tournament once a year,” Daugherty says. “It’s still 60 feet, the pins are the same size, the lane’s the same size, the balls are the same size. Just do what you do all the time. Just bowl, and have fun doing it. Keep it as simple as that, as opposed to getting caught up in, ‘Well, if I bowl a 300 here, it’s the greatest thing ever.’ Just let the pins fall as they may and worry about the outcome afterwards.”

Make Your Spares “Most importantly, you need to worry more about your spares than your strikes. Especially at local tour-

TOM DAUGHERTY He will speak with the humility one might expect

of the bowler who shot 100 on TV, just as he will assure you that he won his fi rst Professional Bowlers Association Tour title “in dramatic fashion.” He will concede that he can be “a jerk on the lanes,” just as he will tell you he will not apologize for it. He will shun you one day and make you smile the next. In other words, he is just like anybody else—a tangle

of contradictions. He is a guy who raises eyebrows by roaring and pumping his fi sts after converting an inconsequential split while blowing out Jason Belmonte on TV, a guy who breaks down in tears when he wins, a guy who embraces the crowd’s derision as he makes a spectacular fool of himself on network television. He is a guy who has his days. “I’ve been told that I’ve been a jerk on the lanes,”

Daugherty explains the part of himself that attracts more frowns than fans. “It’s not anything intentional. I don’t even know that I’m doing it. “If you’re reading a book and I ask you a question,

and you’re mid-sentence, the chances of you giving me a short answer or ignoring me are great, because you’re focused on what you’re doing. And that’s the same thing on the lanes. If I don’t do that, I’m not going to be half the bowler that I am. “I won’t apologize for that,” Daugherty adds,

“because if I wasn’t in that state of mind, I wouldn’t be performing at the level that I’m performing.”


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September 2013

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